Dream More – Manifesting with Dolly Parton?

Dream More - Celebrate the Dreamer In You

About a month ago I received a surprise package in the mail from my 1994 college roommate. Pretty exciting, right? I opened the envelope and tucked inside, I found a copy of Dream More – Celebrate the Dreamer in You* written by one of my favorites, the fabulous Dolly Parton. I put it on my nightstand, fully meaning to dive into it right away, but life got in the way and I just opened the book this week. Now, you might be thinking that it’s kind of weird that I’m writing about a book that Dolly Parton wrote four years ago on a “spirituality” site, but, I just read it this week and as I was reading I kept thinking to myself, “whoa – Dolly is like, the ultimate manifestor.” So, we are totally going to talk a little about this book because I love me some Dolly. This is a woman who started with literally nothing, and is now a huge success in so many areas of life. Clearly, she is someone we can all learn something from.

The book itself is a super quick read since it is only about 100 pages, and the style it’s written in makes it seem like Dolly herself is talking directly to you. If you are a Dolly fan, you know she is completely hilarious and down to earth. That comes through in the book so it’s kind of like getting all philosophical with one of your girlfriends. Fun! She’s split the book into four sections that implore us to dream more, learn more, care more, and be more. All great advice. I don’t want to spoil this enjoyable read for you so I’m just going to briefly touch on a few of the amazing little nuggets inside the book.

  • Dreaming vs. wishing: Early on in the book, Dolly talks about dreaming and wishing. At this moment I knew that the woman is not just a country music icon, she’s also a spiritual icon. (To me anyhow!) Long story short, the dreamers are the ones who visualize what they want to achieve, build their convictions, and are willing to pay the price to make that dream come true. Wishers by contrast are content to say, “Oh I wish I could…” and then just hope that good things will happen. Does Dolly’s version of dreaming sound a lot like the manifesting mantra of getting clear on exactly what you want, really allowing yourself to feel that, and then taking inspired action to anyone else out there, or is it just me?
  • Kindness, gratitude, and giving back: Using stories from her personal life experiences, Dolly expounds on the importance of these things in some pretty profound ways. Just like in every article on manifesting that you have ever read, the significance of gratitude and giving in order to receive, play a prominent role in the book. There is also quite a bit of valuable insight on acceptance and judgement which to me, falls into the “kindness” category.
  • Energy and connection to the Divine within: Like many of us do, Dolly believes that everything is energy, and that all energy is connected. There are great tips on how to recognize and free yourself from “energy vampires” which personally was really helpful for me as I definitely have some cord cutting to do!  She also talks about connecting to God in much the same way that it’s often discussed in New Age spirituality circles – she calls it her “God core” and it’s always there inside of her – just like we often say we’re connecting or releasing to the divinity within, or when we talk about how we’re our own best advisors because everything we need is all ready inside us. Dolly is deep, y’all!

Honestly, there are so many wonderful little gems tucked into this book that I could go on and on and on. I’m 100% positive that I’ll pull this off my shelf for another read in the future, and that this is a book I plan to gift to others. If you have read the book I would love to talk about it with you more in depth, so please pop down to the comments and let me know if you loved it as much as I did, or what your favorite #1 take away from it was. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend that you hit your local bookstore or library, or pick up a copy online.* Then come back here & let me know what you think – because I really want to talk Dolly with you!

P.S. – My friend who sent me the book told me that she listened to the audio book version, which apparently is narrated by Dolly herself! Doesn’t that sound amazing? So, if reading isn’t your thing, or you prefer listening because audio books fit better into your busy lifestyle you might want to check that out.

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