Oracle Card Reading for July 3-9, 2017

Hello! Welcome to this Oracle card reading for the week of July 3, 2017. These weekly readings reflect the universal energy patterns that affect us all. Before pulling cards for these weekly readings I like to clear my physical space, and my mind to “tune in” to these energies. I also call in Spirit, Angels, and Guides to help bring forth messages to help and support us all through the week. This week, I am using Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Cards.

The Tribe, Not For You, Serendipity cards from Wisdom of the Oracle

Monday/Tuesday: The Tribe – We start off the week with a reminder of the importance of being with, and taking care of one’s tribe. For some of us this is a reminder to simply be with our tribe. Time to put the phone down, step back from technologies which can distract from actually being present with someone. For others, this card can be a message to either care for, or ask for care from one’s tribe. Everyone wants to feel loved and nurtured, so share those feelings with those you care about – and don’t be afraid to ask for it if you need a little extra caring at this time. For those who feel they do not have a tribe to call their own, this card is often an indicator that you are being guided towards their place in the world – a place within a group where you matter and belong. No matter which of these you resonate with, you are being asked to always consider where and how you can contribute to the whole.

Wednesday/Thursday: Not For You (Protection) – It’s time to stop chasing after whatever is actively moving away from you. Be open to seeing the signs that it’s not meant for you, or the red flags surrounding a situation. There is something even better than what you’re currently trying (and failing, again and again) to get, but you’ll never discover it if your running around in circles. Let go of the people, situations, goals, and circumstances which have made it clear that they do not want you. Know when to release and walk away. Something fantastic is right around the corner.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Serendipity (Protection) – This card asks you to trust that the Universe is unfolding for you exactly as it ought to be, in perfect and Divine timing. This is something that feels easy to do when it seems like everything is going your way, but much, much harder when challenges, hardships and difficulties arise. It is at these hard times though when it is most important to remain in that state of trust in the Universe. Pay attention to the messages, signs and opportunities that are being presented to you, and trust that you are being Divinely guided in the right direction.

I hope these messages help you as you navigate through the week. Much love & may you be blessed by angels always. ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ•Š๐ŸŒ•

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