A Tarot and Oracle Card Spread for April’s Full “Pink” Moon

I created this spread to help you harness the magical healing and creation energies of April’s Full “Pink” Moon, which falls this year on April 11. Use it around the full moon, or anytime you need help determining which areas of your life could benefit from some healing attention. This 5 card spread can be used with your favorite Angel, Tarot, or Oracle Card deck.

Psychic Tarot Oracle For the Heart Card Backs

  1. What area of my life could use healing at this time?
  2. What energies from the past to I need to release in order to facilitate this healing?
  3. What energies are coming to assist me in the immediate future?
  4. Guidance – How can I integrate these insights into my daily life?
  5. Possible Outcome – What could be possible for me if the Guidance is followed.

I thought I would quickly share the cards I pulled for myself, to give you a better idea of how the spread flows. For this reading I used John Holland’s The Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Cards. This is not a traditional Tarot deck, and its structure takes a little getting used to, but I think it gives really great insight on relationships of all kinds, as well as any situation where you would like to receive heart centered guidance.

Pink Moon Reading Using Psychic Tarot For the Heart Oracle Cards

Yes, I regret not wiping the finger smudges off the cards before taking pics. Ooops! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. ย Base Chakra: The Base Chakra, also known as the Red, First, or Root Chakra is our foundation for success in the Earthly areas of life. Money and finances, food, shelter, the physical body – all that is needed for survival is associated with this Chakra, and this is where I need to focus my healing energies at this time. For me, this means it’s time to get active and do things which are going to energize and engage this Chakra.
  2. ย Seek the Truth: This card speaks to pulling back the veil of self criticism and judgement in order to see the truth of ones situation. It’s easy to beat ones self up over past mistakes, for me, this is the time to let go of those limiting beliefs, self doubt and beating myself up over things that happened in the past. This full moon I should release those things, and live in the truth of the now.
  3. Manifest: This is a pretty awesome card to get in this “incoming energies” position. The Manifest card is all about getting clear on what you want, and then harnessing your power to work with Spirit and co-create those desires into reality. This card lets me know that I need to get clarity on my goals now so I can use the tools that I all ready have to manifest them into being.
  4. Observe: This card asks that I do more observing, and less directing. Being an observer is about noticing the signals and guidance from Spirit, and acting on them from a centered emotional state, rather than from a place of anxiety or fear. It’s about surrendering to the experience of life and discovering instead of trying to control and dictate the way to what you may think is wanted or needed. This card also lets me know that I may benefit if I can change my perspective and look at things in a new light.
  5. Moving On: The process of self-discovery usually results in change of one kind or another, and the Moving On card is a signal that a big change of some kind is quite possibly in my future. While the image on this card could be construed as lonely, I actually think this is a great card to have in the “Possible Outcome” position. To me, moving on is all about uncovering your true heart desires and making moves toward actualizing them.

I feel pretty excited and energized about the insights revealed in this reading. The cards have a funny way of telling you things that you all ready know, but aren’t necessarily acknowledging and this reading definitely resonated with me in that way.

If you try this spread out during our current Full Moon I’d love to hear how it flowed for you. ๐ŸŒ•


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