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Hello beautiful creature!

My name is Rachelle Laine – most of my friends call me Shell, and I invite you to do so as well!

My entire life, I’ve always felt things more deeply than other people. I’m not sure how to describe it other than to say that when I feel a feeling, I feel it hard, and I pick up on what the people around me are feeling and feel that too – often just as strongly as if it were my own emotion.

I was first drawn to Tarot in 1987. On a middle school field trip to see the opera in Madison, WI,  They gave us a few hours to explore downtown and purchase lunch. I wandered into a metaphysical shop with a few of my friends. I was immediately drawn to the cards and spent my lunch money on my first Tarot deck. When I returned home, my parents discovered the cards and promptly confiscated them – no doubt afraid that this was a first step into dabbling in the occult, a big no-no in my house. I was disappointed, but undeterred. You see, this was an annual field trip so in one years time I was back at that metaphysical shop, purchasing another deck of cards. This time, I kept them hidden. I pulled them out only when I was home alone, or going over to a friends house. The rest of the time I carefully stored them beneath a loose floor board in my room. But, every chance I got I read those cards, for myself and my friends. I checked out Tarot books from the library to read under the covers late at night, and learned as much as I could.

When I left home to attend University I was blessed to connect with a professor who read the cards and taught a New Age Spirituality themed course that included Tarot. With her help, my connection to the cards deepened and my Tarot skills continued to develop. I am forever grateful for her help and her sharing of the knowledge.

Life went on and I became a young, working mother. As I became busy, exhausted and preoccupied with everyday life, my tarot cards were relegated to a box which sat on a shelf, waiting, while I ran the rat race and tried to keep up with the demands of motherhood and the work force. Like everyone, I had my fair share of ups and downs, but without even realizing that it was happening I was slowly entering a state of disconnect from myself and from the Divine.

This continued for well over a decade. Then, after the death of my Grandfather, and at the end of the lengthy period of depression that followed, I was visited by Archangel Haniel. I felt her presence as he cloaked me in her warm, loving, silvery blue light, calling on me to turn away from my sadness, and leading me back to that box on my shelf – back to my true self and my Tarot cards.

Haniel is with me often now. I frequently call on her, and the other angels for guidance and support. I connect with them daily – calling them close to aid me as I read the cards. I even invite them to join me when I go hiking with my dog – the connection to the angelic realm is so strong when out in nature. Through these walks with the angels I came to realize that my life purpose is to be in loving connection with the Divine, and to help others connect with their Divine guidance, and their love. Tarot, Angel, and Oracle cards are the tools that I use as I work on my mission. I am a Certified Angel Card Reader™. Please visit my Readings Page to book a session.


Walking with the Angels

Here I am, surrounded by my angels, and my furry little Earth angel Lola D!

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