Animal Spirit Guide Message From Zebra

Zebra Card from Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards

Zebra: Protection, Alertness, Kind Heartedness, Compassion, Magic, Confidence, Agility

Today, Zebra asks you to consider how your fears are holding you back, and what your life might look like if you were able to live from a place beyond fear. A place of calm, and safety, and knowing. Zebra is a reminder to stay grounded in the present – away from the anxiety and worry over a future which may or may not come to pass. In the present moment you have the courage to handle anything that comes to you. Be bold and embrace these challenges, knowing that you have what it takes o make it through all obstacles unscathed.

Zebra has appeared to remind you to trust in the Divine benevolence of the Universe. Just as the Zebra has his stripes which serve to protect him from his predators, so too are you protected from those who would harm you by your Creator. Zebra asks you to live from a place where you have acknowledged your fears, faced them, and moved beyond them – in this place you can run wild and free towards your dreams.


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