Authenticity: Express Your True Self With Help From Archangel Gabriel

Authenticity card from Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards

“Trust that your real self, whom God created Divinely perfect, has the strength and knowledge needed for this situation.”

Archangel Gabriel wants you to know that it is safe for you to be yourself! You are, at this moment, exactly who you should be, and are perfect exactly as you are. Don’t be afraid to share that with the world. When you act and share your unique message in an authentic way, you will attract exactly who and what you need to advance you toward your goals. This card is from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

This card was sent from Archangel Gabriel as a reminder that you are infinitely loved for exactly who you are now, at this precise moment. There are times when we all feel a little weird, or different, or like we just don’t fit in. These feelings arise when we are slipping out of alignment with our highest selves. They are an important reminder to re-center back into our authentic selves, who are always good enough for any situation. Be true to who you, at your core, truly are, for this is where the magic happens.

If you find it is challenging to express yourself authentically, or to just be yourself – know that you can ask Archangel Gabriel for assistance in this area. You can use the short prayer below, or make up your own. You can also do a meditation or guided visualization in which you imagine yourself surrounded by Archangel Gabriel’s golden, glittery light. Imagine Archangel Gabriel directing a beam of this light directly into your solar plexus chakra – filling you with her radiance, and the self confidence to confidently project the essence of who you truly are out into the world.

Dear Archangel Gabriel, Please grant me the confidence to be authentic to my truest self, for the highest good. And so it is.

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