February Deck Round Up

Tarot Decks, Oracle Card Decks, Angel Card Decks

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of decks. Tarot, Oracle, and Angel card decks will often call my name and find their way into my shopping cart. And once they’ve made their way into the shopping cart, they find wonderful homes on my desk, book cases, and nightstand drawers. To streamline my process when reading cards for myself or others I tend to start each month by meditating and then receiving guidance on which card decks I will be working with during that month. Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t work with a deck if it calls to me later in the month – of course I always listen to my guidance in this area! It’s more like an intention I set to work with particular cards for my highest good, as well as the highest good of my clientele, and it is a big time saver as I all ready have my deck selection narrowed down. This month, I thought I’d share with you the decks I plan to work with the most during February.

With Valentines Day coming up I tend to get a lot of heart centered inquiries during the month of February. It simply seems like almost everyone has love on their mind at this time of year! Because of this I have selected 2 romance and relationship themed decks to have out for easy access – Doreen Virtue’s The Romance Angels Oracle Cards and John Holland’s The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck.  Both of these decks are excellent for love related questions, and are very useful for drilling down to the heart of the issue in a very gentle and loving way.

One area I am personally working on this month is focusing on personal development and discovering and living in alignment with my life purpose. One easy way I stay connected to my life purpose is to pull a card from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards deck, asking for guidance in connecting into my purpose. This is fun and easy, and can be done on a daily or weekly basis. I also have gotten some wonderful life purpose guidance for myself and for clients by using Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Each of these cards has a corresponding fable which is summarized in the accompanying guidebook, but I highly recommend her book Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit which has the full text of each fable, and weekly exercises to help you fully incorporate the lessons into your life. The subtitle of this book is “A 52-week journey of self discovery with the lost fables”. I am not a big new years resolution person, but I did resolve to work through the journey throughout 2017. I am only 5 weeks in, but all ready feeling subtle shifts occurring.

This month I was also guided to pull out Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. This is a deck that I have owned for a while, but not spent a lot of time connecting with. For this reason I plan to use this one mostly for myself, not with my clients. The deck is beautiful and I’m looking forward to playing with it this month, and sharing cards with you here on the blog!

One deck I do anticipate using quite a bit with my clients this month is Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. This deck gives clear and direct guidance on all sorts of inquiries, and I find that the images and messages really resonate with my clients who are interested in Angel card readings. This deck is great as a stand alone deck, but I also use it a lot for pulling a clarification card, or an inspiration card at the end of the reading.

Of course, I could not complete this list without putting a couple tarot decks on it! I have been working with tarot since the 80s and I love the depth and complexity that the 78 card structure provides. My trusty standby is the Radiant Rider Waite deck. It’s a classic that you can’t really go wrong with. For my angel lovers I pulled out Angel Tarot Cards which is just as accurate and insightful as traditional tarot, but with gentler angel inspired imagery. I’m also feeling called to do more readings with the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. This deck has a soft, dreamy, mystical quality and I am excited to spend time in that world this month.

Do you work with Angel, Tarot, or Oracle cards? If so, I’d love to hear from you as to which deck or decks you are planning on working with this month – pop into the comments below and let me know. I love hearing from you!


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