Gaia’s Garden – Appreciate the Abundance That Surrounds You

Gaia's Garden - fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow

Gaia’s Garden – fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow

The abundance of Earth is all around you. All you need to do to tap into that abundance is to plant the seed of what you wish to manifest, nurture it, and practice patience as you wait for your desire to grow, flourish, and ripen for harvest. Remember through this process that you are a magnificent, magical, Divine being for whom all things are possible if you choose to believe that they are. You can begin to tap into the flow of abundance which is rightfully yours by noticing and then lovingly appreciating all of the abundance that is all ready present in your life.

Abundance is about much more than just financial prosperity. There is the rich bounty and beauty of nature, the love and strength of your closest relationships, and the little everyday luxuries which are enjoyed daily but seldom truly appreciated. Trust that the more you can love and embrace the abundant nature which you all ready possess, the more abundance is able to enter into your being.

This guidance card is from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards deck by Collette Baron-Reid.

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