Judgement – How Card 20 Relates to Real Life

Let’s talk about Judgement. I know a lot of people have issues with Card 20, as well as the concept of Judgement in general. I can relate! The truth of the matter is nobody likes being judged. It doesn’t feel good when people direct judgement your way – sometimes I find that even if I am being judged favorably it still feels kind of icky – do you know what I mean?

XX Judgement

XX – Judgement from the Radiant Rider-Waite deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

For a long time, seeing this card in a reading would really throw me. I didn’t like it, or more accurately, I didn’t like how it made me feel. And I’m a feelings based life form so that really affected me! Something about this card triggered my defenses and caused all my internal walls to pop up. Turns out, it’s pretty hard to connect to your Divine guidance with all those walls up, so I had to suck it up and deal with my Judgement issues.

At first, I side stepped the issue by switching the main deck I was reading with to one where Card 20 was renamed to something other than Judgement. If you don’t want to dig deep into the concept of Judgement, this totally works, for a while. My readings regained flow because when Card 20 popped up I no longer felt triggered into disconnect, and I no longer felt nervous before a reading that it would pop up. Have you ever noticed that if you give focus to a card you do NOT want to see, it starts popping up all the time? Yep, that was me and my friend Judgement! Anyhow, I’d “fixed” my Tarot problem by switching from a Rider-Waite deck to the Tarot of the Cat People*, in which Card 20 was changed to Rejuvenation. The Rejuvenation card is beautiful, in both concept and design. It’s a card that just feels good when you get it. A Card 20 that I could really embrace.

XX - Rejuvenation

XX – Rejuvenation from the Tarot of the Cat People, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Absolutely gorgeous, right?

Keeping Judgement out of my Tarot practice did not keep judgement out of my life though. In fact, it seemed to be popping up more and more. I had two separate experiences which I believe were calls from the Divine for me to seriously rethink Judgement. Both involved friends, and for better or worse, both of those friendships were altered by Judgement. In one case, I was being directly judged as less than; in the second case I was hanging out with someone who was passing so many judgements on what other people were doing that I couldn’t help feeling like I was being judged somehow too. Which really got me thinking about the concept of judgement, and how to make it not hurt so much. I didn’t like feeling judged, and I didn’t like the way it felt when I caught myself passing judgement on others. There’s a lot to examine there!

In Tarot, common keywords for Card 20 include judgement, but also transformation, rebirth, discernment, and absolution. In real life, we’re using our judgement all the time, and that’s not always a bad thing. Every choice we make is a judgement as to what the best thing to do in that particular situation is. It’s the judgements that we pass on ourselves and others that get us into trouble. These judgements affect the relationships that we have, and not always for the better. Recently, I had a “A-HA!” moment.  It was the realization that every time we pass judgements on others, that’s our brains attempting to validate ourselves. The dawning of this gave me a beautiful lightness as I came to understand that the judgements I have passed on others just highlight areas where I need to shine a little light within – instead of projecting those feelings outward, to hold the mirror up for self examination. Likewise, the judgements I have felt from others actually have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with something in their lives that they are attempting to justify to themselves. It is so much easier to release the pain and resentment of being judged once you understand that those judgements are a reflection them, not you. Seriously, it’s like POOF – GONE and suddenly there is so much more space for love. And that’s really why we’re all here, right?

Now that I’m viewing Judgement in a whole new light, I’m back to using my trusty Radiant Rider-Waite*deck. Making space for reflection allowed me to see this card in a whole new light. Now when it turns up in a reading instead of getting that pit in my stomach, I’m able to see it from a place of joyful, accepting, self-reflection – and it feels really good!

I’d love to know your thoughts on Judgement, so please pop into the comments and chime in! Share how you feel when this card turns up in readings, or how you handle judgement in your day to day life. Good or bad, I’m interested in what you think!

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