New Moon Tarot and Oracle Card Spread to Support Your Intention and Manifestation

I am a big believer in using Tarot as a powerful tool in self exploration and personal development. I created this 5 card spread for support in manifesting an intention over the next moon cycle, or anytime you need some insight in that area. This spread can help you gain clarity around your goals or intentions, and how to navigate the various energies surrounding this situation. You can use this spread with your favorite Tarot or Oracle card deck.

Angel Tarot Card Backs

  1. Intent to manifest during this moon cycle. What goal or intention can be brought into being over this new moon cycle.
  2. You are here. Snapshot of an area of your life right now. Where you currently are in relation to your intention.
  3. Energies to hold onto. What is currently working for you and should be continued.
  4. Energy to release. What is no longer serving you – Let go of this to make space for something better.
  5. Incoming energies to embrace. New energy or opportunities coming your way that can assist you in manifesting your intention.

To give you an idea of how this spread flows, I’m sharing an over view of the reading I laid out for myself, using my Angel Tarot Cards.

New Moon Tarot Spread With Angel Tarot Cards

  1. Eight of Air: I really love this card which shows a beautiful unicorn running free out in front of the herd. This card lets me know it’s okay to put myself out there, and that this is the time to set my intention to be more confident and independent while breaking free of my social anxiety and fear of failure. This is definitely something I struggle with so I am looking forward to being energetically supported in this over the coming moon cycle.
  2. Strength: This card shows where I am now – a place where I’ve developed my inner strength and cultivated the qualities of kindness and compassion towards others. I have been very dedicated in my Loving Kindness practice lately, and this card underneath the Eight of Air suggests that I should remember to apply that Loving Kindness not only to others, but also to myself. This card in this position says, “you’ve got what it takes, so what are you so afraid of?”
  3. The Emperor: Over the past few months I’ve worked hard to be more organized, set my schedule, and stick to it. The Emperor card here confirms that it is working for me and I should stick with it, even though it sometimes seems contrary to my nature, because overall it has been beneficial for me, and it will continue to serve me as I manifest my intention of being a more independent and confident woman.
  4. Two of Air: This card is a reminder to choose my battles wisely, and let go of all the indecision. It’s about having the courage to honestly assess the truth of the situation and make choices about where changes need to be made, and which things in my day to day life are worth taking a stand for, and which ones just don’t matter that much I should release control over.
  5. Page of Earth: I think this is a really lovely card to get in this “incoming energies” position, as the Pages are often seen as messengers of what is to come. This card is asking me to embrace and embody the qualities of the Page of Earth who is scholarly, dependable, patient, and successful, as these qualities can help me manifest my intention during this cycle. Page of Earth asks that I be alert for new learning and career opportunities, and to be open to exploration and trying new things.

Overall, these cards speak to continuing to grow and develop a mental fortitude, taking well thought out and orderly action, honing decision making skills, and being willing to just go for it when it comes to trying new things and sharing my ideas with others. I like that Archangel Ariel comes up with Strength and Archangel Michael with The Emperor as I work with these two a lot in my work around life purpose and manifesting, so their presence here confirms for me that this is a major area I would be served to focus on until the next New Moon, and that they both can be of assistance to me during this process.

I hope you like this spread designed for the New Moon. Before I begin I like to play some music, light a candle, and burn some sage to clear the space before calling in my guides and angels. If you try this spread, I would love to hear what you received in your reading, or about your pre-reading ritual. 🙂

What do you think?