Animal Spirit Guide Message From Zebra

Zebra Card from Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards

Zebra: Protection, Alertness, Kind Heartedness, Compassion, Magic, Confidence, Agility

Today, Zebra asks you to consider how your fears are holding you back, and what your life might look like if you were able to live from a place beyond fear. A place of calm, and safety, and knowing. Zebra is a reminder to stay grounded in the present – away from the anxiety and worry over a future which may or may not come to pass. In the present moment you have the courage to handle anything that comes to you. Be bold and embrace these challenges, knowing that you have what it takes o make it through all obstacles unscathed.

Zebra has appeared to remind you to trust in the Divine benevolence of the Universe. Just as the Zebra has his stripes which serve to protect him from his predators, so too are you protected from those who would harm you by your Creator. Zebra asks you to live from a place where you have acknowledged your fears, faced them, and moved beyond them – in this place you can run wild and free towards your dreams.


Angel Card Reading For June 19 – 25, 2017

Hello! This is your weekly Angel Card Reading for the week of June 19th. There is a lot going on this week, and the angels want you to remember that they are here to guide and support you, this week and always. The cards this week are from Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

Choose A New Direction, Look For A Sign, Ask For Help From Others

Monday/Tuesday: Choose A New Direction – Is there an area of your life where you’re just not making any progress, no matter how hard you try? The angels want you to know that the path to what you seek is not what you think it is. Take this time at the start of the week to explore alternatives. Is there something that you need to learn/do/explore before you reach your goal? Remember that the best route to something is not always the fastest or a straight line. Where you reach obstacles remember to be like the water, flowing along, around, through, and over whatever gets in its way. The angels want you to know that although you do not need to give up on your dreams, you may need to arrive at them in a different way than you anticipated. Do not be afraid to choose a new direction, knowing that you are being Divinely guided in doing so, and you will be protected along this new path.

Wednesday/Thursday: Look For A Sign – Your angels are constantly sending you guidance through signs, your intuition, and through events which may be easily written off as only coincidence. It can be easy to miss these angelic messages if you aren’t paying attention and actively looking for them. The angels urge you to keep your eyes, mind, and heart wide open at this time as they hear your prayers and calls for help and are trying to deliver the assistance you are requesting. They need you to be paying attention though and looking for the signs, or else you might miss them! People rarely see things they are not looking for, so be aware and open to the magic that is all around you. Miracles are waiting to happen!

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Ask For Help From Others – No one ever accomplishes anything on their own. In some way, shape, or form they have received some sort of assistance. The angels want you to know that this weekend the best action you can take to advance you towards your goals is to recognize where in your life you need help. Then, ASK FOR IT, and gratefully receive the assistance. Your angels are working hard on your behalf, sending the right people and situations your way. Take advantage and reach out to the assistance which is right there for you. If you are uncomfortable asking for help from other people, you can always ask your angels for help. With their assistance you may more easily find the strength and courage needed at this time. Too often, our society looks upon those in need of assistance as weak, or somehow unworthy. The angels want you to know that nothing could be further from the truth and that every act of seeking help is an act of bravery and strength.

I am sending all you lovelies out there so much love this week. The angels want you to know that there is no shortage of opportunity this week, and they remind you that they are with you at every step.

Weekly Angel Card Reading for June 12-18, 2017

Hello lovelies! I am pulling cards during the full moon, and am so happy to be working with Archangel Gabriel to provide you with Angel messages for the week of June 12.  I received a clear message to work with Archangel Gabriel on this weekly reading, so I selected Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards to read with this week. We have a beautiful week ahead of us, and Archangel Gabriel is with us every step of the way.

Authenticity, Open Your Heart to Love, and Happy News! cards from Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards

Monday/Tuesday: Authenticity – “Trust that your real self, whom God created Divinely perfect, has the strength and knowledge needed for this situation.” As you start off the week, Archangel Gabriel reminds you to confidently be yourself. You might experience feelings of needing to put on a false front, or that you should pretend to be someone who you aren’t. Those are fear based insecurities that are not going to be of any use to you right now. Be mindful to be your most authentic self, true to your own heart and Archangel Gabriel assures that wonderful miracles will follow.

Wednesday/Thursday: Open Your Heart To Love – “The more you open your heart and pour your love into your creations, the greater their life-force energy.” This card builds upon the Authenticity card from the beginning of the week. Archangel Gabriel is encouraging us all to be open to love in all its many forms. Self love, love and compassion for others, and the love of following ones passions and expressing that which is held within our hearts. React to all situations with a compassionate and forgiving heart, but Archangel Gabriel warns not to take any negativity from others into your heart. Instead, if you feel an onslaught of bad vibes headed your way, call upon her to wrap her golden light around you as a shield against all but love energy. Archangel Gabriel is also here to help you express yourself to others in only the most loving of ways. She wants you to know that anything you create while channeling Divine love energy will be truly magical.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Happy News! – “Your prayer is answered in a creative way.” Archangel Gabriel wants you to know that your prayers have been heard, and that good news is on its way to you. This may be a message of literal good news that you will receive from another person. For some of us though, this is a signal from the Angels to pay extra special attention for signs, guidance, and intuitive insights as the energy is swirling rapidly this weekend. Be open and listening for the positive messages heading your way! Archangel Gabriel warns that being open is especially important as the good news that is on its way may not be the news that you are expecting. Don’t close yourself off to something wonderful simply because it may not be the wonderful thing you were hoping for. This weekend, make sure you appreciate all of the good that comes to you.

I hope you all have the most wonderful week. Archangel Gabriel wants you to call upon her during challenging situations that may arise – whenever you need to draw on her strength and loving presence she will respond and shower you with her glittery, copper hued light.


Honeybee – Finding Sweetness Through Compassion

Honeybee card from Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards

“To reap all the sweetness that life has to offer, focus on compassion and forgiveness.” – Steven D. Farmer

The honeybee works together with the rest of its hive to collect the pollen which supports them all. There is no competition over who can collect the most pollen – there is only collaboration towards creating sweetness for the whole. Honeybee is here with a request to consider not just what is best for you, but also what is in the greatest good of the whole. To do this, you must seek an understanding of the why behind the other members of your own hive. While you may be harboring resentments over past wrongs, this does not serve the greatest good of all, or even of yourself. It becomes easier to release these resentments when you take the first crucial step of seeking to understand the motivations and limitations of those you feel wronged by. Understanding leads to acceptance of the self and others as we are in the present moment. The honeybee’s message for all today is that only through understanding and acceptance are we able to act with first compassion, and ultimately forgiveness.

The honeybee represents all that is sweet in life. When Honeybee shows up, you can take it as a sign that you have what it takes to achieve what may seem impossible, provided you are living from a compassionate and kind heart space. Honeybee serves as a reminder that everything sweet in life is right there at our fingertips – we only need to make the time to enjoy the honey that is right there before us. Honeybee is a reminder that the promise of the sweet life is possible for as long as we pursue it. Love, laugh, forgive, live in the moment with compassion for all, and you will find the sweetest life of all.

This animal spirit guidance card is from Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer.

Perseverance and the Sacral Chakra

Pereverance card from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman

“What you work toward will materialize. You may not see it, but it lies ahead.” -Tori Hartman

Do you see things through until the end, or do you quit when you don’t get your result quickly enough? Your angels wish to remind you to keep the vision clear in your mind of the life you truly desire, and believe that is is absolutely possible for you. It is. Your desired life only becomes impossible when you believe that to be so. As long as you are firm in your belief you keep moving towards it – one small step at a time. Don’t give up. Don’t quit before your miracle happens.

Our ability to hold the faith and keep going originates in our 2nd, or Sacral,  Chakra, which is represented by the color orange. This chakra is located approximately three inches below your navel. When we are out of balance in this Chakra it can be difficult to follow through and complete projects and achieve goals. Engaging, activating, and balancing this energy center can help you develop the emotional and creative intelligence necessary to persevere through any situations or setbacks you may encounter on your journey. Even simple ways to free up the energy flow in this Chakra can have a big impact in your ability to see a dream through, so I wanted to give you a few very simple and basic tools to help you get started in this area.

  • Color contemplation: This card is from Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards deck, which is in it’s entirety both rooted and steeped in color so I feel I would be remiss to NOT include a color based exercise here. (I will give two!)

1) Close your eyes and breathe, slowly and deeply. As you do, visualize a glowing orange orb of light over your sacral chakra. Continue breathing while keeping your attention focused on this orb of light merging with this energy center. What do you notice about this light? Does it glow brightly and continuous, or does the light brighten and dim with each breath? Perhaps the light starts dim but becomes more radiant as you direct your breath into this area. Does the light swirl, or pulsate? There is no right or wrong here. The key is to be a neutral observer of the connection between the breath, and the orange orb of light. Once you have spent some time noticing and observing the features and rhythms of your orb of light, continue to breathe into this area as you ask yourself WHY your orb presented to you as it did? After all, in your visualization the orb could have taken on any form or characteristics of your choosing. You may wish to explore this on a deeper level through a journaling session.

2) Think about what the color orange represents. Orange is the color of passion, and of fire. What else does it mean to you? Once you answer this, consider how you can tap into the energy of Orange to help you persevere through to your miracle. Again, you may find that journaling through this exercise is extremely helpful.

  • The energy in crystals can help you activate, energize and balance your chakra. You can tap into this energy a number of ways. Combining crystals and meditation is a popular way to utilize crystal energy. You can either choose to meditate lying down with your crystal placed over your sacral chakra, or you can meditate in an upright, seated position, loosely holding the crystal in your left hand. Another way to meditate with crystals is by placing the stone in front of you and letting your gaze soften on it as you focus on the breath. A few of my favorite crystals for this chakra are Amber, Orange Calcite,  Carnelian, and Citrine.  As this chakra is associated with the Moon, Moonstone is especially lovely for energizing and balancing the 2nd chakra. If meditation is not your thing, or if you feel you would benefit from having the crystal energy in your auric field for a longer amount of time you can carry the stone on your body by putting it in your pocket, or wearing jewelry which incorporates the stone.
  • The second chakra is associated with the element of water. Being in and around water can be very balancing for this energy center. You can take a swim in the ocean, lake, or river. You can sit near a fountain or koi pond. Or you can treat yourself to my personal favorite – a sea salt bath. Whichever you choose, be mindful of your sacral chakra and aware of its energy. Notice if you feel it strengthen or balance as you interact with the water. Taking care to stay properly hydrated throughout the day can also help bring this chakra into balance.
  • My final tip for strengthening the sacral chakra is to engage in movement based play. The trick is to choose something which engages the physical body in a fun and enjoyable way. There are almost endless choices here including dance, yoga, running, or sports. The right choice for you will be the activity which brings you joy through the physical movement.

I hope this information will be useful to you as you stay focused and persevere through to the miracle that is waiting for you. I would love to read your comments about what dreams you are working towards manifesting, or how these exercises have helped you, so don’t forget to leave one in the box below. 🙂