Perseverance and the Sacral Chakra

Pereverance card from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman

“What you work toward will materialize. You may not see it, but it lies ahead.” -Tori Hartman

Do you see things through until the end, or do you quit when you don’t get your result quickly enough? Your angels wish to remind you to keep the vision clear in your mind of the life you truly desire, and believe that is is absolutely possible for you. It is. Your desired life only becomes impossible when you believe that to be so. As long as you are firm in your belief you keep moving towards it – one small step at a time. Don’t give up. Don’t quit before your miracle happens.

Our ability to hold the faith and keep going originates in our 2nd, or Sacral,  Chakra, which is represented by the color orange. This chakra is located approximately three inches below your navel. When we are out of balance in this Chakra it can be difficult to follow through and complete projects and achieve goals. Engaging, activating, and balancing this energy center can help you develop the emotional and creative intelligence necessary to persevere through any situations or setbacks you may encounter on your journey. Even simple ways to free up the energy flow in this Chakra can have a big impact in your ability to see a dream through, so I wanted to give you a few very simple and basic tools to help you get started in this area.

  • Color contemplation: This card is from Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards deck, which is in it’s entirety both rooted and steeped in color so I feel I would be remiss to NOT include a color based exercise here. (I will give two!)

1) Close your eyes and breathe, slowly and deeply. As you do, visualize a glowing orange orb of light over your sacral chakra. Continue breathing while keeping your attention focused on this orb of light merging with this energy center. What do you notice about this light? Does it glow brightly and continuous, or does the light brighten and dim with each breath? Perhaps the light starts dim but becomes more radiant as you direct your breath into this area. Does the light swirl, or pulsate? There is no right or wrong here. The key is to be a neutral observer of the connection between the breath, and the orange orb of light. Once you have spent some time noticing and observing the features and rhythms of your orb of light, continue to breathe into this area as you ask yourself WHY your orb presented to you as it did? After all, in your visualization the orb could have taken on any form or characteristics of your choosing. You may wish to explore this on a deeper level through a journaling session.

2) Think about what the color orange represents. Orange is the color of passion, and of fire. What else does it mean to you? Once you answer this, consider how you can tap into the energy of Orange to help you persevere through to your miracle. Again, you may find that journaling through this exercise is extremely helpful.

  • The energy in crystals can help you activate, energize and balance your chakra. You can tap into this energy a number of ways. Combining crystals and meditation is a popular way to utilize crystal energy. You can either choose to meditate lying down with your crystal placed over your sacral chakra, or you can meditate in an upright, seated position, loosely holding the crystal in your left hand. Another way to meditate with crystals is by placing the stone in front of you and letting your gaze soften on it as you focus on the breath. A few of my favorite crystals for this chakra are Amber, Orange Calcite,  Carnelian, and Citrine.  As this chakra is associated with the Moon, Moonstone is especially lovely for energizing and balancing the 2nd chakra. If meditation is not your thing, or if you feel you would benefit from having the crystal energy in your auric field for a longer amount of time you can carry the stone on your body by putting it in your pocket, or wearing jewelry which incorporates the stone.
  • The second chakra is associated with the element of water. Being in and around water can be very balancing for this energy center. You can take a swim in the ocean, lake, or river. You can sit near a fountain or koi pond. Or you can treat yourself to my personal favorite – a sea salt bath. Whichever you choose, be mindful of your sacral chakra and aware of its energy. Notice if you feel it strengthen or balance as you interact with the water. Taking care to stay properly hydrated throughout the day can also help bring this chakra into balance.
  • My final tip for strengthening the sacral chakra is to engage in movement based play. The trick is to choose something which engages the physical body in a fun and enjoyable way. There are almost endless choices here including dance, yoga, running, or sports. The right choice for you will be the activity which brings you joy through the physical movement.

I hope this information will be useful to you as you stay focused and persevere through to the miracle that is waiting for you. I would love to read your comments about what dreams you are working towards manifesting, or how these exercises have helped you, so don’t forget to leave one in the box below. 🙂

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