Pineapple Sage, the Fairies, and You!

Pineapple Sage is one of my favorite plants to have in the garden. It is absolutely stunning when in bloom with its showy, bright red flowers. Pineapple sage attracts butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, as well as the delightful and endearing fairies who make their homes wherever this plant is found.

The Fairies of the Pineapple Sage are charming and fun loving. Their high pitched voices are lyrical and melodious. They possess personalities that are as sweet as the scent of the plant they are sworn to protect, and their tiny wings resemble in miniature the wing patterns of all the varied butterflies who are drawn to this plant. These earth bound celestial beings are avid adventurers and travelers, frequently hitching a ride on the backs of the hummingbirds that are attracted to the bright red flowers of the Pineapple Sage. Together, bird and fairy dart through the garden, small daredevils enjoying the thrill of being alive! These fairies are most active on bright, sunny days as they adore dancing in the sunlight.

Pineapple Sage Fairies

Fairies dance among the Pineapple Sage, enjoying the afternoon sun.

These fairies love to help you orchestrate change in your life. Because of their adventurous spirit they are not afraid to try new things and visit new and exciting places. They thrive in the excitement of stepping into the unknown, and can inspire you to do the same. Working with this plant, and the fairies who tend to it can be extremely empowering.

Pineapple Sage has a feminine energy that you can use to tap into unconditional love and compassion. Pineapple Sage resonates with the energy of happiness, harmony, and hospitality – especially in the home. It also aids in communication to assist you with maintaining harmonious relationships. With its striking red flowers, and aromatic leaves they are beautiful as a cut flower you can use to bring its energy into your home.

This plant is wonderful to meditate with as it helps you connect through both your root and heart chakra, up into the heavens and with the Divine. Work with this plant and its Fairies to enhance your abundance and prosperity so you can be fully supported as you fulfill your life purpose. Doing so can aid you in gaining clarity into your finances and your attitudes towards money and receiving. They can help you release your prosperity blocks and develop your intuition in the areas of business and finance.

How to use Pineapple Sage:

There are many different ways to use Pineapple Sage. Here in San Francisco Bay Area it is fairly easy to grow and blooms most of the year. Pineapple Sage prefers full sun and moist, well drained soil. It is a beautiful addition to any garden, and I consider it a “must have” for a fairy garden, if your climate can support it. As with any plant, please be sure you have correctly identified it before consuming.

In The Kitchen:

Clip fresh Pineapple Sage leaves for herbal tea. You can also use them muddled in cocktails for a fresh and fruity alternative to mint. Pineapple Sage can also be used as an alternative to Culinary Sage giving your recipe a light, somewhat floral sweetness. The bright red flowers are also edible and make a beautiful addition to salads, fruit plates, and frosted baked goods.

In the Home:

Use in floral arrangements to attract the energy of the Pineapple Sage into your space. The energy of this plant promotes a joyful and harmonious home, supports manifestation, and promotes prosperity and abundance. Cut Pineapple Sage will also attract its Fairies into your space!

You can also make or purchase Pineapple Sage Flower Essence. You can add the essence to your bathwater or spray from a mister bottle to bring the vibrational energy of the flower into your aura.

For Meditation:

If you are able, it is a genuinely magical experience to meditate outdoors, surrounded by Pineapple Sage and the many fairies that will always be surrounding it. If that is not practical for you, there are many other ways to use this plant during meditation. I like to hold a handful of crushed leaves and inhale the plant magic. You can also simply hold a sprig of it, or bring a vase of cut leaves and flowers into your meditation space. You can also spray Flower Essence to cleanse your space prior to your meditation practice.  As you meditate, ask the Fairies of the Pineapple Sage to share guidance with you, and/or  hold the intention to bring into yourself the desired energetic assistance of the plant. You can also use the affirmations shared below, or make up your own.


Tune into the positive energy of Pineapple Sage and the Fairies, and know these things to be true for yourself.

  • I have everything I need to attract prosperity.
  • I am abundance and abundance is mine.
  • I easily attract all the money I need, and have plenty left to share.
  • I am worthy of success.
  • I am magnetic to money.
  • Financial prosperity is mine.
  • As I pursue my life purpose I am fully supported.
  • I thrive on change and bravely step into new territory.
  • I am empowered to be true to myself.
  • I love and accept myself exactly as I am.
  • I allow others to be who they are, without judgement.
  • My home is happy and harmonious.
  • I communicate honestly and openly with others, and receive honesty and openness from others in return.
  • Through love, my heart is one with Spirit.


What do you think?