Queen of Pentacles – Tarot Card of the Day

Queen of Pentacles

Spirit asks you to embody your inner Queen of Pentacles today. This Queen is wise, practical, dependable, and also nurturing, kind, and caring. She is quite resourceful and has a way of making just a little seem luxurious and abundant. This Queen is rooted firmly and grounded deeply to the Earth, yet also consciously aware and connected to Spirit which she knows as the source of all earthly riches. The Queen of Pentacles understands that generosity, taking others in, forming deep connections, and sharing both her knowledge and material possessions with others is the key to her prosperity and continued success.

This Queen of Pentacles card is from the Shadowscapes Tarot.  This is one of my favorite decks to work with, and while this is a non-traditional Queen of Pentacles, she is definitely one of my favorites with her strong, firmly rooted Earth connection and open, generous heart.

I invite you to connect into the Queen of Pentacles that resides within your heart today – loving, acting, and caring as she would.

What do you think?