I am a Certified Angel Card Reader™ who also works with Tarot and a wide variety of Oracle Cards. I offer Angel readings via e-mail. I like to provide readings through e-mail as you receive the information in a format that you can easily revisit as needed, ensuring that you can fully absorb the information. You can receive your reading as  a written pdf document. You will receive a photograph of the cards selected for you as well. My rates for these readings are below.

  • $25 – 15 minute reading (1 question, 3 cards)
  • $40 – 30 minute reading (1-2 questions, 3-7 cards)
  • $75 – 1 hour reading (1-4 questions, 5-12 cards)

Please use the contact form below to request a reading. Please specify the length of the session you are interested in, and your specific question(s). I will reply back to your message with a link for you to pay online, and let you know if I have any questions or need clarification as to your question. Once payment has been received and we have gotten to the heart of your concern I will intuitively choose the best deck to work with for you and  have your reading to your inbox within 3 business days.

If you would like to book a reading, please include the following information in the “Comment” field below:

  • Length of the session you would like to book.
  • Your specific question and concern that you are seeking guidance on. The more information you can provide here, the more I can tailor the reading to your specific concern.

Certified Angel Card Reader Certificate