Weekly Tarot Card Reading for June 5 – 11, 2017

Hello! Welcome to your weekly Tarot forecast for June 5-11. Before pulling cards for these readings I like to clear my space and mind to better tune into the collective energies which affect us all. This week, I was feeling some strong Fairy energy and opted to use Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

The Moon, Princess of Autumn, King of Summer

Monday/Tuesday: The Moon – Trust your intuition! The Moon card is energizing your Divinely connected intuitive side right now and you have the ability to see through the confusion to the truth of the situation. Be gentle with yourself and prioritize your own self-care. Intuitive insights and creativity are heightened at this time – act on your inspiration with trust that it is a gift from the Divine Universe.

Wednesday/Thursday: Princess of Autumn – Buckle down and focus on the things that need to be done – whether that be at work, school, or working towards a personal goal or project. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you get going the energy flow will be working in your favor. Dedicate yourself to your tasks and you’ll see that everything will come together beautifully.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: King of Summer – Express yourself from your heart. This weekend, be sure to remember to feel the love in your heart and express it out into the world. As you practice compassion and kindness, these energies go out, and then return to you multiplied. New relationships are steeped with warmth, and existing ones strengthened.

This week the Fairies want us all to know that the when we follow our intuition and Divine guidance, focus on the work that needs to be done, and be true to our hearts that success is not far behind. I wish you all a beautiful week!

Weekly Card Reading March 27 – April 2, 2017

Each week before choosing cards for the weekly reading I tune into the universal energies that affect us all. Here in Northern California, Spring is in full bloom and my yard is an untamed sea of wild flowers. This is a wonderful time of year to work with the Fairies as they are quite active, tending to all the plants and flowers that are sharing their beauty with us. This week, I tuned into this active Fairy energy and used Fairy Tarot Cards for this reading.

Fairy Tarot Cards Weekly Reading March 27-April 2

Monday/Tuesday: Nine of Autumn – The things you have been putting your thoughts and energy towards are coming together and you are starting to reap the rewards of your efforts. The fairies want to make sure you know that you are deserving of success and abundance! Allow yourself to pause for a moment to savor the rewards that are beginning to come. All of us deserve to enjoy the benefits that come from our hard work – including you! Give yourself a little treat to celebrate your success and to keep you motivated to continue moving forward. Enjoy this moment and express the gratitude that is in your heart for all the many blessings in your life. Let the gratitude flow out freely, and watch as that energy returns to you in the form of even more abundance!

Wednesday/Thursday: Prince of Autumn – Now that you’ve taken the time to celebrate your achievements to date, it’s time to get back to work! The Fairies have sent you the Prince of Autumn – channel his strong, grounded energy to help you construct a plan of action you can use to stay focused moving forward. The Prince of Autumn can help you keep track of all the little details that need to be factored into your plans. Don’t rush through this planning process – ground yourself, take your time, think through all your options as you develop your plan, complete with contingencies, just in case! Remember – the Prince of Autumn likes to be prepared! He is also a reminder to follow through on your obligations, and to care for others with kindness and respect, and to do all of this with joy and laughter in your heart.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Two of Winter – It’s now time to move beyond the planning phase and make a choice to move forward. Too often, we allow ourselves to be held back by our own indecision. This weekend, be courageous enough to make the choices that you want to make, instead of the choices you think others want you to make. It is time to make a decision that propels you forward, and it’s important to choose what your heart truly desires. Don’t be afraid of disappointing others – remember that only YOU get to decide what is best for you!

Weekly Card Reading – March 6-12, 2017

Hello! This is your weekly card reading for March 6-12, 2017. Before I draw cards for these weekly readings, I take a few moments to tune into the universal energies that surround us all in order to receive messages that can help us all as we progress through our week. This week I felt called to work with the fairies, and they immediately let me know that the loving, heart opening energy of Rose Quartz is something that will be really useful to us all this week. Rose Quartz has a delicate, feminine energy. Sometimes known as the heart stone, it aids in opening the heart chakra and connection with unconditional love and compassion. Rose Quartz is a very nurturing crystal and allows you to give and receive love, fully and without reservation. So, this is a great week to wear any Rose Quartz jewelry that you may have, or to carry a small piece of Rose Quartz with you where ever you go. You can also try meditating with a piece of this crystal. If you do not have any Rose Quartz, pink roses are another way you can connect with the pure love energy of this stone.

The Wheel, Nine of Summer, and Seven of Autumn from Fairy Tarot Cards. Pictured with heart shaped tumbled rose quartz and natural rose quartz stones.

The Wheel, Nine of Summer, and Seven of Autumn from Fairy Tarot Cards. Pictured with heart shaped tumbled rose quartz and natural rose quartz stones.

I used Fairy Tarot Cards for this reading. This is one of my favorite decks to work with. I think it has a very gentle energy and is both comforting and motivational. Also, this is a very powerful time of year to work with the fairies, and basically everything that involves fairies is awesome. If you agree, I highly recommend working with this deck.

Monday/Tuesday: The Wheel – If a project you have been working on has stalled, or you’ve been feeling as though you’ve been surrounded by stagnant energies, know that all of that starts changing for you now. New energies are circulating and things begin moving and falling into place for you easily. Go with the flow and go with it! The saying, “Good fortune favors the bold” comes to mind. This is no time to go backwards, or to stand still – momentum is on your side so work with it! It’s time to make any decisions that you have been putting off, and to take action on your plans. Get moving and make magical things happen!

Wednesday/Thursday: Nine of Summer – I love that this card appeared right on the heels of The Wheel. This lets us know that if we make the decisions and take the actions that we were guided to at the beginning of the week, we are all ready seeing the results paying off by the middle of the week! Nine of Summer is often referred to as “the wish come true card,” so keep listening to your inner guidance and acting on your intuition. This card is a sign that you are on the right path, all the good things you want in your life can really come true. When you act on your Divine Inspiration you will see truly magical results.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Seven of Autumn – This weekend, take a moment to look back at the week and really appreciate how much you have been through, accomplished, or grown since Monday. So many wonderful things have happened! The fairies want you to know to allow yourself time this weekend to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. This is a weekend to relax your mind, nourish your body, and plan out your next steps from a place of centered calm.

Guided Rose Quartz Visualization

I wanted to share with you a guided visualization to help you connect with Rose Quartz energy. You may wish to light some candles or incense and play some soft music to aid you in relaxing into a meditative state. If you have Rose Quartz, I recommend placing it near you, or holding a small piece loosely in your left hand while doing this visualization so you can really feel the energy of this special stone. If you do not have any Rose Quartz, just imagine yourself holding a piece of the stone, or spend a few minutes looking at a photo of Rose Quartz before you begin. While you can do this visualization at any point in the week, it may be especially helpful to do it over the weekend – when the fairies ask that you rest and make plans for the future.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax into a meditative state. Visualize yourself sitting in your sacred space with your special Rose Quartz crystal. Feel the loving energy radiating off the stone in your hand. Let the energy flow up and into your heart space. Feel the love building there for a moment. Off in the distance, you see a beautiful golden door. You begin walking towards the door and as you approach, you know that everything you have ever truly wanted for yourself is waiting for you on the other side. Take a deep breath before you open the door and step inside. You are happy and comfortably alone here in this space. Take a look around and let your mind fill in all the details of this room. This room is a reflection of a place that you wish to be in your life. Take note of your surroundings. Let yourself see the life you desire. You notice a large, beautiful window. Walk over it and gaze out at your view. What is it? What can you see from this window in your mind’s eye? When you are ready, you turn away from the window and back at the room. You are no longer alone. Look out and see the faces of your closest friends and loved ones smiling back at you. Some of these people you know well, and some of them are people you have not met yet, but they are all here with you in this room. You look to your left and see your closest loved one standing by your side. If you have not met this person yet, you may not be able to see their face but you can feel into their energy and know them this way. Feel the energy of your partner loving you and supporting you. Send that loving energy back to them, and to all of your loved ones who are with you here. When it is time, Rose Quartz will let you know it is time to leave. Feel her warm, pulsating energy in your hand, and in your heart. You walk back through the door, knowing that you have seen the life that your loving heart truly desires. This is what is possible for you. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and walk back through the door – back into your sacred space. Gather gratitude in your heart for the loving wisdom of Rose Quartz. Thank her for sharing her energy with you. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.


March 2017 Deck Round Up

Hello! Happy March 1st to everyone! What deck (or decks) of Tarot and Oracle cards is everyone planning on working with this month?

Pictured from Left to Right - Top row: Wisdom of the Oracle, Magical Messages From The Fairies, Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle, Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, Fairy Tarot Cards. Bottom Row: Chakra Wisdom Oracle, Shadowscapes Tarot, Earth Magic Oracle Cards

Pictured from Left to Right – Top row: Wisdom of the Oracle, Magical Messages From The Fairies, Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle, Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, Fairy Tarot Cards. Bottom Row: Chakra Wisdom Oracle, Shadowscapes Tarot, Earth Magic Oracle Cards

I am in full on Spring time mode here in Northern California. The weather is starting to warm up a bit, and everything is green and lush with wildflowers in bloom. Obviously, this means it is time to work with the fairies – right? 🙂 Two of my favorite fairy decks to with with are the absolutely breathtaking Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, and Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards. The Magical Messages deck is especially easy to work with and I love pulling a card from this deck after a reading for someone who needs a little uplifting motivation to get them going on the right track. Somehow, these fairies always know the exact right thing to say.

Fairies are Earth’s “nature angels” and are wonderful at manifesting and helping us connect into the massive vibrational energy of Mother Earth. Perhaps this is why I also felt compelled to pull out Steven D. Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Spring time is symbolic of new growth, and new beginnings and something about this deck of cards just screams those things out to me so I am pretty excited about using these cards to get and keep myself and my clients on the path to amazing new growth opportunities this month! Along the lines of new growth, I am working my way through Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit this year, and working with her associated deck – the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. I am on week 9 of the toolkit, and would love to hear from anybody who is also working through this book and the exercises, so give me a hoot if you are reading the book.

I have been getting helpful messages from and just the general feeling that Archangels Raphael and Gabrielle have been around lately, so I pulled out two more of Doreen Virtue’s decks – Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards and Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards. The Archangel Raphael deck has been showing me the Yes! card more than once lately, which is always a good sign!

Last month, I picked up my copy of Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Cards for the first time in a long while. I’d never really explored this deck before, but I really enjoyed playing with it last month and I plan to spend some time with it this month as well. Plus, the dreamy color palette of the cards reflects the soft beauty of springtime perfectly! I’m also continuing to work with Shadowscapes Tarot for this reason as well. Something about the softness of the colors and all those animals pictured on the cards is calling to me.

So there you have it – the top eight decks I am planning to work with this month. Are any of your favorites here on my list? Do you have a deck you love working with at this time of year that you think I should check out? I love connecting with you, so please let me know!



Astrology Signs Image

TarotScopes for November, 2016

Welcome to your TarotScope for November, 2016! The TarotScope is part horoscope, and part card reading, designed to give you valuable insight into the month ahead. This month, I pulled cards for each sign from the Fairy Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. * I love working with the fairies any time, but especially when we are experiencing a change in seasons, as the fairies are very active during these times! I think it’s interesting that in spite of my excessive shuffling, certain cards kept appearing over and over again. As such, we have a few recurring themes that kept popping up. The fairies spoke loud and clear about the need to release anything that no longer serves you, the importance of continuing education, and the great joy that comes from surrounding yourself with the people you love. Great advice for all of us! Find your sign below to see what messages the fairies have for you this month.


♏︎Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Scorpio kicks off November surrounded by the love and affection of family and friends. Enjoy this time of tranquillity and happiness! As the month progresses you will find you’ll need to lean on these loved ones for support to get through a tough time. Don’t think you have to go it alone because your loved ones are always there for you, and want to help. Mid-month you’ll find yourself under pressure to make some snap decisions. Don’t give into this pressure! Carefully consider all your options, and meditate or sleep on it before making any commitments. As November wraps up, you’ll find yourself perfectly positioned to either make a career change, or obtain a raise or promotion. You’ve worked hard to become the best at what you do, so don’t let anything stand in the way of achieving your career goals. As we head into the busy holiday season, say YES! to any social invitations that come your way. The fairies want you to know that these invitations are likely to lead to a new romance, or a valuable and rewarding friendship.

♐︎Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Fiery Sagittarius has a lot to look forward to this month! You’re enjoying a lot of success at the beginning of the month, and this success has positioned you nicely to be able to move forward with any new projects you’ve been working on. Celebrate all of your success in both your professional and personal life. Gratitude can only serve to amplify your abundance, so be sure to give thanks for all your blessings. Mid-month, take time out for yourself to reflect upon your career – where you started, where you are now, and where you’d like to go. Reward yourself for how far you have come, while considering what tools you’ll need to get to where you want to go. Seek out educational opportunities such as books, seminars, workshops, or even going back to school, so you’ll have all the skills you need to reach your goals. Opportunities for new romance abound as we near the end of the month. Whether this is a new relationship, or the rekindling of passions in an existing relationship – the fairies ask that you open your heart to love!

♑︎Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): At the start of the month, you may find yourself clashing with others, especially at work. It can be challenging to get things accomplished when there are so many conflicting opinions, and you’ll find yourself pushed in one direction while being pulled in another. Take a deep breath when you find yourself in these moments of overwhelm, and know that you will make it through! Your multi-tasking skills have never been better, and they will help you tremendously at this time. Try to keep a playful vibe going as this will help keep you from getting sucked into other people’s drama. By mid-month your work troubles will be behind you, making space for romance to bloom. The fairies want you to know that you are going to find yourself drawn to someone very special! If you choose to let them into your heart, this person will prove to be a loving and dependable partner – someone you can really count on, and who always has your best interests at heart. As the month nears its end you’ll find the passion is growing stronger and stronger, and that this lover both encourages you to dream big, and gives you the courage to pursue those dreams!

♒︎Aquarius (January 20 – February 18 ): New ideas abound at the beginning of the month. Get clear about how these ideas fit into your long term goals before implementing them, but once you are clear don’t let any roadblocks stand in your way! As November progresses, you’ll find yourself surrounded by friends and family. Being surrounded by so many people who love you causes a natural heart opening, and by the middle of the month you’ll find yourself drawn to a new love, or find that an existing relationship has suddenly become a lot more passionate! The fairies want you to ask a trusted advisor for advice as you proceed with this relationship. Know that their advice will lead you on a path towards love and abundance. Wrap up the month by celebrating and showing gratitude for the many blessings you have in life.

♓︎Pisces (February 19 – March 20 ): You’re flying high as November kicks off! Embrace your creativity and go after your dreams with gusto at the start of the month. When you engage your creativity with enthusiasm you will find that you can handle any rough patches that come along, as it will help you discover unconventional solutions to your problems. Mid-month you’ll feel a shift and you may find yourself caught up in self doubt and indecision. Ask a friend or mentor for help – they can help you understand your situation more clearly, and give you the self confidence to make the choices that are best for you. The fairies want you to know that when you empower yourself to put yourself first, things work out in your favor! Take this lesson with you through the end of the month, when you’ll need to make objective decisions instead of worrying about what other people want you to do. Make sure you are being fair to yourself above all others – if you can do this you are sure to come out ahead!

♈︎Aries (March 21 – April 19 ): It’s important at this time, Aries, to be gentle with yourself. Now is the time to give yourself a little TLC. Get plenty of rest, and consider taking a weekend trip, mini-vacation, or a stay-cation so you can really get yourself out of stress mode. Once you disconnect from your everyday troubles you’ll gain clarity as to what you need to let go of in order to advance your career, or meet your personal goals. Make those changes mid month and breathe a huge sigh of relief as you walk away from negative influences in your life. If you can do this, by the end of the month you’ll feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders as you’re no longer held back by associations with stressful situations and overly critical individuals. The fairies encourage you to take a deep breath and step forward into happiness and fulfillment.

♉︎Taurus (April 20 – May 20 ): As November begins, you may find that what you thought you wanted isn’t really what you want at all. Don’t be afraid to turn your back on dreams and goals that no longer excite you. Take a deep breath and make time to to examine what is meaningful to you and what dreams you actually want to pursue. No need to worry about the future – through stillness the answers will come to you. By mid month you’ll reach clarity on what it is that you truly desire, and know the next steps to take to make it happen. The fairies want you to know that this is the right path for you, so bravely take inspired actions towards these goals. Your creativity is at peak levels right now and will help you be successful. Celebrate yourself and show gratitude as we wrap up the month. You’ve set yourself on a path to make meaningful life changes and to live in alignment with your truest self – and that is something to be joyously grateful for.

♊︎Gemini (May 21 – June 20): The beginning of November finds you, Gemini, tired and dragging your feet as you walk through life. Instead if continuing to muddle through, take time to rest and meditate. This will allow you to recuperate your energies and cue into your intuition. Part of why you became so tired in the first place is because you are not living in alignment with your highest self. Your intuition is the surest way to realign so taking the time to quiet the mind so you can clearly hear your intuitive messages is extremely important this month. The fairies are working overtime to make sure you receive these messages loud and clear by the middle of the month so you will understand how you should move forward. Be advised that you may have to cut ties with people who are no longer acting as a positive influence in your life. Don’t be afraid to let them go – they are only holding you back. As we head into the end of the month you will find yourself in full on career mode. This is a great time to focus your energy on that aspect of your life, and doing so will bring satisfaction and meaning to your life, as well as financial rewards. Don’t derail your professional success by procrastination! Stay on track, and keep moving forward daily to continue to reap these rewards.

♋︎Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Sensitive Cancer, as this month begins, take time to reflect back on everything you have achieved in life and reward yourself for all of your accomplishments. Self care and having fun are important areas for you to focus on now so treat yourself to a pedicure, spa day, or a long, hot bubble bath – whatever feels pampering and joyful to you. The fairies are here to remind you that because you do so much for others, it’s important to recharge your batteries by doing something just for you. By mid month the energies are shifting and you may find yourself caught up in fears and worry. Know that these fears are unfounded, and that a lack of self confidence is contributing to these fears being blown out of proportion. Believe in yourself and know that everything you need to succeed is all ready inside you. Make an effort to contribute to your savings account or nest egg as this will help you feel more secure about what the future has in store for you. At the end of the month, surround yourself with family and loved ones. They will help you remember why your dreams are important to you, and give you the confidence you need to pursue them.

♌︎Leo (July 23 – August 22): Roar loudly and take charge of your life this month, Leo. Now is the time to make any decisions that you have been putting off – don’t delay any longer. Your intuition is working overtime at the start of the month , so trust in it and make your decisions from the gut. If you find you are having a hard time connecting to your inner guide, make space for quiet reflection and the answers will come to you. By mid-month the choices you made at the beginning of the month will be paying off for you.  The fairies are here to remind you that you have the strength to easily tackle any challenges that come your way. Messages are coming to you about your career path – don’t be afraid to follow your passions and choose to focus on work that you both truly enjoy, and find meaning in. As you near the end of the month you will find that as you engage with work that holds real value for your soul, you are able to experience positive change and feel a magical joy in all areas of your life.

♍︎Virgo (August 23 – September 22): The beginning of November finds Virgo filled with an abundance of confidence! The fairies want you to know that this means it is a wonderful time to take action on making any life changes that you have been contemplating. You have everything that you need to get to where you want to go in life, and the stars are aligned in favor for your success. Release anything that may have been holding you back in the past and you will see the rewards of doing so by the middle of the month. This will be a wonderful time for you if you step fully into your success and allow yourself to make choices that empower you to walk away from anything or anyone that is no longer serving a positive role in your life. As the month comes to an end, continue the release. When you do this you will find yourself more at ease and see that letting things go opens up new opportunities for positive life experiences.

♎︎Libra (September 23 – October 22): Good news, Libra! Positive life changes are headed your way! Things might not have gone your way in the past, but now is the time to follow your passions and turn your dreams into reality. The fairies ask you to visualize your ideal life, and then set a course in that direction! Mid-month you’ll face challenges – stay focused, employ your intellect and quick thinking skills, and know that you will make it through this rough patch. As you near the end of the month, let go of any attachments you have to people who no longer bring you joy. Cutting that cord opens the door for new friendships and relationships to flourish. Look for opportunities to add sensitive, gentle individuals who radiate love and kindness into your life.

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