Oracle Card Reading For July 17 – 23, 2017

Hello lovelies! Welcome to your weekly Oracle card reading for the week of July 17. This week is all about acting with love and grace in all that you do, even in the face of obstacles or disappointments. For this reading I used John Holland’s The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck, so this reading is primarily focused on the energy around our relationships this week. Keep in mind that this is not just limited to romantic relationships but that the Oracle wisdom extends to all of the relationships we have in our lives – friends, family, co-workers, even pets! So, let’s get to it!

Share the Love, Giving & Receiving, Choose Your Battles

Monday/Tuesday: Share the Love – We start the week off with a reminder to spread and share love with everyone you come into contact with, including yourself. One of the most wonderful things about love is no matter how much you give away there is never any less – in fact, you’ll usually end up with even more. Start by showering yourself with love, and then extend it out to others. Love takes many forms; a smile, an act of generosity or kindness, unconditional acceptance, just to name a few. This is a time for being with friends and those that you care about. Connect with others through your heart and enjoy the love and light which radiates back to you. Should you have a difficult or challenging person or situation show up for you, ask yourself, “what would love do?” and act accordingly.

Wednesday/Thursday: Giving & Receiving – Have you ever noticed that when you share freely with and give to others, you receive just as much (if not more) in return? Mid-week, we build and increase the momentum of the loving energies from the start of the week. Continue to share the love, and give fully of yourself to those around you. Giving without expectations of others opens you up to receiving blessings you may not even be able to imagine. This is a card of balance and tranquility in your relationships with others. I love that this card takes us from one hand pictured on Monday & Tuesday’s card to four pairs of hands pictured on this card as it perfectly illustrates how love and giving and sharing lead to so much more for everyone. Remember that when you share your gifts with others, they are inclined to share theirs with you as well. What a blessing!

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Choose Your Battles – Know what is worth taking a stand for and what is better to let go of. Battling with the Universe and those around you over every little thing you dislike, don’t approve of, or would do differently is a recipe for overwhelm and exhaustion. Trust that you will be happier and more productive when you choose to stand up for only those things which are truly important to you to fight for. Let the little stuff go – especially those things which don’t really matter much anyhow. You’ll have more energy to affect the changes you desire when you stop sweating the small stuff. This card is also a reminder that it is more important to be gracious and kind than it is to be right at any cost. Don’t let your desire to win the argument keep you from this gracious kindness – let love’s grace guide you through your weekend.

I hope you all have a beautiful week! Love & blessings are being sent to you! 💗