Angel Card Reading For June 26 – July 2, 2017

Hello lovelies! Welcome to your Angel card reading for the week of June 26, 2017. Before pulling cards for these weekly readings I like to take some time to center myself and tune into the universal energies which affect us all. The overall theme for this week is “Self-Care”. The angels are guiding us to be gentle with ourselves – mind, body, and spirit – and really take the time and make the effort to nurture ourselves this week in order to counter-balance and protect from the harsher energies which are circulating at this time.

Nutrition, Children, Yoga, and Counseling from Life Purpose Oracle Cards


Monday/Tuesday: Nutrition – The angels are stressing how important taking care of your body is at this time. In order to function at our best we need to fuel our bodies properly. This means prioritizing healthful meals which include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating a healthy diet which is primarily (if not entirely) plant based brings increased energy to you. Another benefit of eating plenty of produce is that the high vibration of these foods makes it easier for you to connect to your angels and to hear and understand their guidance.

Wednesday/Thursday: Children – While there is so much turmoil and political strain worldwide, the angels want us to know that the stress of world events can be extremely triggering to our oftentimes wounded inner child. Because of this it is increasingly important to love and nurture the child within as we enter into the middle of the week. Make time for fun and playful activities to rejuvenate your spirit and to recharge your batteries. Be like the young child who keeps their heart and mind open to love.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Yoga and Counseling – The angels have provided two guidance cards for the weekend – Yoga and Counseling. The angels want us to know that it is crucial to prioritize self care over the weekend. Yoga is very therapeutic for both the body and the spirit and the angels encourage you to connect with your body this weekend in this way. Whether you attend a formal yoga class, do a light practice by yourself, or find a yoga video on YouTube, know that you will greatly benefit from this time of connection with yourself. The angels also want to remind you to be open and honest about your feelings with others. It is safe for you to share your thoughts with the kind and loving individuals in your life. As you share your emotions with others, you also make it safe for them to share their feelings with you, leading to relationships becoming stronger through kindness and empathy.

This weeks Angel card reading was done using Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. While this deck is primarily intended to offer guidance and direction about life purpose, I think this deck has a lot to offer and can be used to divine messages on almost any topic, as well as just generally providing a lot of good advice!

I wish you the most wonderful week filled with love, kindness, and nurturing of your mind, body, and spirit. May the blessings of the Angels be with you always! 💜🌙🔮


Weekly Angel Card Reading for May 29 – June 4, 2017

For this week’s reading I decided to use Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. This is a fun and pretty deck that gives clear, quick, and straightforward answers. I like the vibrant colors and overall “glowiness” of the deck and personally, I find that the angels tend to get extra chatty when I am working with these cards – maybe because the cards themselves (or the guidebook) do not contain a lot of words.

This angel card reading is for the week of Monday, May 29th, 2017. As usual, I pulled three cards. One for the beginning of the week, one for mid-week, and one for the weekend. Let’s get to it!

Now The Right Time, Helpful People, Improving Health cards from Angel Answers Oracle Cards

Monday/Tuesday: Not The Right Time – The angels are cautioning against taking action on a project or new endeavor, or making new and major life changes. This doesn’t mean don’t do it ever, just take a pause to be certain that you have examined your situation from all angles. You might find that taking a moment before moving forward allows for new and helpful information to come forward, or something even better than what you have been contemplating may come your way. Don’t let this discourage you and know that your angels will send you unmistakable signals when the timing is right.

Wednesday/Thursday – Helpful People –  This follows the “Not The Right Time Card” and the angels are advising that they are sending helpful people to many of us Mid-Week to assist or provide new information. Keep your eyes open for the signs, and trust that any synchronicity you experience with people is Divinely guided. Be open to this and look for ways you can be helpful to others as well, as being in service to others not only makes us feel good, but also can energetically attract the helpers that we need into our lives. Remember, the helper you need to meet is probably not just going to walk up and knock on your door so make sure you take every opportunity to get out there in the world, so you can make connections and meet just the right people!

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Improving Health – While for some of us this may card may indicate a literal improvement of physical health, the angels are telling me that this card is primarily referencing improvements in the health of our relationships with other people. They want you to know that laughter really is the best medicine and when you make a priority to bring the fun back into any relationship, the situation can improve dramatically. Many people have hampered their own most important relationships, simply because they have fallen into the “all work and no play” trap. Make time for play this weekend and reap the benefits that follow in both the health of your relationships, and in your physical health as well.