The High Lady of Love and Compassion – Tapping Into the Power of Loving Kindness

The High Lady of Love and Compassion

The High Lady of Love and Compassion, resonates at the same high vibe frequency as The Beloved Mother, Mary, Queen of Angels. This is the pure, high energy of Love. She comes as your ally today, grounded to the abundance of Mother Earth, and connected upward to the universal energy of the Divine through her reverence, kindness, and consideration for all beings. She encourages you to engage in a daily practice of gratitude, and loving kindness.

The most powerful force in the Universe is the energy of Love. Consciously practicing loving kindness radiates your love energy out into the world, raises your vibration, and positively impacts all those around you, as the Universe returns Love energy back to you, magnified. There are miracles all around you. Tap into them by spreading loving kindness to the world.

A Loving Kindness practice involves extending feelings of love and compassion first to yourself, then to your loved ones, not so loved ones, and finally to all beings on Earth. Many people find this to be difficult at first, but it does get easier with practice. You can also think of it as extending friendliness or benevolence to yourself and others. However you choose to think of it, you can always call upon The High Lady of Love and Compassion to assist you in conjuring these feelings within yourself, and then extending them outwards.

This guidance card is from The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid. Let The High Lady of Love and Compassion inspire you to harness the amazing manifesting power of Love to bring your heart’s truest desires into a state of physical being.


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