Weekly Card Reading For April 24 – 30, 2017

Before these weekly readings, I take a few moments to clear my space of unwanted energy and take a few moments to ground and center myself before tuning in to the universal energies which affect us all. This week I felt called to use The Shadowscapes Tarot  by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, which is unusual because I mainly use this deck for personal spiritual work, and connection and communication with one of my Spirit Guides. But I’ve learned not second guess my feelings on which deck to use, so here we are!  I really love this deck because of the stunningly gorgeous artwork. I have small, dainty hands and while usually I prefer a smaller deck for ease of shuffling, my only complaint about this deck is that I wish it were bigger because the images are so beautiful that I really want to dive in and lose myself in the cards.

Temperance, The Hierophant, and Seven of Wands from The Shadowscapes Tarot

Temperance, The Hierophant, and Seven of Wands from The Shadowscapes Tarot


Monday/Tuesday: XIV Temperance – As we begin the week it’s important to find the balance and harmony within ourselves, and all around us. Be consciously aware of any tendencies you have towards any extremes or unhealthy behaviors and take care to moderate them. This card asks us to be still for a moment, and find the peace within as from this place our connection to Spirit is strong. It is here in this state that miracles begin to happen.

Wednesday/Thursday: V The Hierophant – This card reminds us of the organized structure of society that for better or worse, we all must operate within. The Hierophant asks you to examine where in your life you could use more of this structure, or where in your life you need to buck convention and break free. Take a moment to check in with yourself to decide which of these is true for you. The Hierophant wants us to remember that we are more powerful than we may think, and that Spirit and our guides are always with us, waiting to be called upon to help. As a Spiritual teacher, The Hierophant can also be a reminder to share your unique gifts and talents with others, and to be open to receiving the wisdom of others.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Seven of Wands – This weekend we may be called upon to protect what is ours – whether that be your family, your business, or your ideas, hopes and dreams – be bold and courageous enough to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Seven of Wands is a reminder of just how strong and fierce you truly are, and that some things are worth fighting for.  Be courageous enough to take a stand where you need to, with an understanding that flexibility is a strength, not a weakness, and may be just the thing that is needed for you to emerge from this situation victorious.

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