Weekly Card Reading – March 13-19, 2017

Each week before I draw cards for the weekly reading, I take a moment to find that space of silent stillness before tuning into the universal energies that connect and affect us all.

Today as it is warm and beautiful here in Northern California, and my back yard is a sea of yellow wildflowers, I felt a strong pull to work with the fairies. I love connecting to their joyful, protective energies, and that the fairies are not afraid to tell it like it is. Although the fairies have a bit of a reputation of being mischievous tricksters, I find that if you make an effort to live in harmony with the earth that the fairies will act as friends, not foes. If the weather in your area permits, make time this week to spend time outdoors and connect into the feisty fairy energy that can always be found in the splendor of nature. This week’s messages are from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards.

Magical Messages From the Fairies Cards

Monday/Tuesday: Birthday – The fairies encourage us to nourish our inner child this week. Although we are all busy with our work and adult responsibilities, the fairies have sent us this card as a reminder to carve out time for the fun stuff in life – the things that never fail to bring a smile to our faces, or that make us feel like celebrating. Indulge in these activities for the joy that they bring us is what makes a life truly worth living.

Wednesday/Thursday: Assertiveness – “Stand up for your beliefs and only say yes if you really want to.” This card is a reminder from the fairies that it is okay to assert yourself and stand your ground. Only you know what is best for you – no one else can decide that for you. Should you find yourself in a situation this week that doesn’t feel quite right to you, don’t be afraid to assert yourself and do or say something about it. So often in life, we are afraid to assert ourselves out of fear that doing so will hurt someone’s feelings, or make us unlikeable in the eyes of others. In truth though, practicing assertiveness from a heart centered place of love lets others know that you care about and respect both them and yourself, and allows space for others to reflect caring and respect back to you.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Debt Paid Off – If you have been carrying the burden of debt, know that relief is on the way! The fairies know that no one enjoys living a life where they feel the heavy burden of debt upon them. Know that energies are shifting, burdens are lifting, and change and transformation are headed in your direction! Pay attention for any signs that the fairies may be sending you this weekend on how to reduce, or even eliminate your debts. For some of us, this may be ideas on how to generate additional income that can be used to pay down financial debt. For others among us the fairies may present us with ways to pay off our energetic debt by bringing forth ways to repay the favor to those who have generously assisted us in the past. Let the fairies speak to you this weekend and act on their wisdom. Doing so can help you break free of the stress and burden that debt brings.

What do you think?