Weekly Card Reading March 20-26, 2017

Each week before I draw cards for the weekly reading I take a few moments to meditate and tune into the universal energies which affect us all. This week I used chunks of serpentine and smokey quartz during the meditation in order to connect into the grounding vibration of Earth energy, for this reading with Steven D. Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle Cards.

Ancestors, Island, Tsunami from Earth Magic Oracle Cards

Monday/Tuesday: Ancestors – “Generations” – It’s spring cleaning time; the perfect time to release yourself from inter-generational drama and trauma. Any old resentments you are harboring towards towards your family should be let go of and forgiven. Releasing these negative feelings is a wonderful gift that you can give yourself. You benefit by making space for the positive, good feeling emotions that we would rather have. This is also the time for letting go of any self deprecating or limiting belief systems that may have been passed onto you through your family. Let go of any feelings or beliefs which no longer serve you. When you do this you are setting yourself up for incredible growth.

Wednesday/Thursday: Island – “Solitude” – Make time for yourself to retreat away from the rest of the world and find some solitude for yourself. Do so, and use this quiet alone time to collect your thoughts and re-group. Incredible clarity can be found in these quiet moments of meditation and reflection. While some people think of solitude being a negative thing which leads to being lonely, the truth is we all need space for quiet, alone time in order to thrive. Allow yourself this space – outdoors in nature if possible.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Tsunami – “Wake Up Call” – The peace of mid-week ends with a wave, crashing us back to the chaos of our outer worlds. This is your wake up call – a time when your best laid plans are tested and you can discover the changes that need to be made in order to be successful moving forward. Your wake up call may be in the form or a traumatic loss or event that you may not feel prepared for – face it through your fears, following your intuition and instincts,  secure in the knowledge that facing the truth of your situation now, while difficult, leads you back to the path of your highest self which provides bright and bountiful blessings for your future.

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