Weekly Card Reading – March 6-12, 2017

Hello! This is your weekly card reading for March 6-12, 2017. Before I draw cards for these weekly readings, I take a few moments to tune into the universal energies that surround us all in order to receive messages that can help us all as we progress through our week. This week I felt called to work with the fairies, and they immediately let me know that the loving, heart opening energy of Rose Quartz is something that will be really useful to us all this week. Rose Quartz has a delicate, feminine energy. Sometimes known as the heart stone, it aids in opening the heart chakra and connection with unconditional love and compassion. Rose Quartz is a very nurturing crystal and allows you to give and receive love, fully and without reservation. So, this is a great week to wear any Rose Quartz jewelry that you may have, or to carry a small piece of Rose Quartz with you where ever you go. You can also try meditating with a piece of this crystal. If you do not have any Rose Quartz, pink roses are another way you can connect with the pure love energy of this stone.

The Wheel, Nine of Summer, and Seven of Autumn from Fairy Tarot Cards. Pictured with heart shaped tumbled rose quartz and natural rose quartz stones.

The Wheel, Nine of Summer, and Seven of Autumn from Fairy Tarot Cards. Pictured with heart shaped tumbled rose quartz and natural rose quartz stones.

I used Fairy Tarot Cards for this reading. This is one of my favorite decks to work with. I think it has a very gentle energy and is both comforting and motivational. Also, this is a very powerful time of year to work with the fairies, and basically everything that involves fairies is awesome. If you agree, I highly recommend working with this deck.

Monday/Tuesday: The Wheel – If a project you have been working on has stalled, or you’ve been feeling as though you’ve been surrounded by stagnant energies, know that all of that starts changing for you now. New energies are circulating and things begin moving and falling into place for you easily. Go with the flow and go with it! The saying, “Good fortune favors the bold” comes to mind. This is no time to go backwards, or to stand still – momentum is on your side so work with it! It’s time to make any decisions that you have been putting off, and to take action on your plans. Get moving and make magical things happen!

Wednesday/Thursday: Nine of Summer – I love that this card appeared right on the heels of The Wheel. This lets us know that if we make the decisions and take the actions that we were guided to at the beginning of the week, we are all ready seeing the results paying off by the middle of the week! Nine of Summer is often referred to as “the wish come true card,” so keep listening to your inner guidance and acting on your intuition. This card is a sign that you are on the right path, all the good things you want in your life can really come true. When you act on your Divine Inspiration you will see truly magical results.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Seven of Autumn – This weekend, take a moment to look back at the week and really appreciate how much you have been through, accomplished, or grown since Monday. So many wonderful things have happened! The fairies want you to know to allow yourself time this weekend to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. This is a weekend to relax your mind, nourish your body, and plan out your next steps from a place of centered calm.

Guided Rose Quartz Visualization

I wanted to share with you a guided visualization to help you connect with Rose Quartz energy. You may wish to light some candles or incense and play some soft music to aid you in relaxing into a meditative state. If you have Rose Quartz, I recommend placing it near you, or holding a small piece loosely in your left hand while doing this visualization so you can really feel the energy of this special stone. If you do not have any Rose Quartz, just imagine yourself holding a piece of the stone, or spend a few minutes looking at a photo of Rose Quartz before you begin. While you can do this visualization at any point in the week, it may be especially helpful to do it over the weekend – when the fairies ask that you rest and make plans for the future.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax into a meditative state. Visualize yourself sitting in your sacred space with your special Rose Quartz crystal. Feel the loving energy radiating off the stone in your hand. Let the energy flow up and into your heart space. Feel the love building there for a moment. Off in the distance, you see a beautiful golden door. You begin walking towards the door and as you approach, you know that everything you have ever truly wanted for yourself is waiting for you on the other side. Take a deep breath before you open the door and step inside. You are happy and comfortably alone here in this space. Take a look around and let your mind fill in all the details of this room. This room is a reflection of a place that you wish to be in your life. Take note of your surroundings. Let yourself see the life you desire. You notice a large, beautiful window. Walk over it and gaze out at your view. What is it? What can you see from this window in your mind’s eye? When you are ready, you turn away from the window and back at the room. You are no longer alone. Look out and see the faces of your closest friends and loved ones smiling back at you. Some of these people you know well, and some of them are people you have not met yet, but they are all here with you in this room. You look to your left and see your closest loved one standing by your side. If you have not met this person yet, you may not be able to see their face but you can feel into their energy and know them this way. Feel the energy of your partner loving you and supporting you. Send that loving energy back to them, and to all of your loved ones who are with you here. When it is time, Rose Quartz will let you know it is time to leave. Feel her warm, pulsating energy in your hand, and in your heart. You walk back through the door, knowing that you have seen the life that your loving heart truly desires. This is what is possible for you. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and walk back through the door – back into your sacred space. Gather gratitude in your heart for the loving wisdom of Rose Quartz. Thank her for sharing her energy with you. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.


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