Weekly Oracle Card Reading For May 1-7, 2017

Hello! For this week’s reading I’m using Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. I have been working with this deck for myself a lot this year, and I really love her use of storytelling and color, and how both relate back to our chakra. I have included a chakra energizing tip to go along with each of the three cards to assist you as you move through the week.

Renewal Rejection Joy

Monday/Tuesday: Renewal – Notice the beautiful scarlet geraniums featured on this card. Geranium reminds us that sometimes the situations which initially bring us discomfort or unease, often result in our greatest opportunities for growth. As we begin the week, it’s advisable to keep yourself open to exploring these uncomfortable situations, even if at first glance it seems like an opportunity may not be for you, allow yourself to feel into and explore the situation to see if there is something hidden there which will allow you to set out roots that are wide and deep, giving you a solid foundation upon which to build. Remember that what you may be perceiving as an ending might actually be a beautiful beginning. TIP: Engage your root chakra to access a steady foundation from which to navigate through the week. You can strengthen this chakra through any form of physical activity, or by using a grounding crystal like Hematite to stimulate this energy center.

Wednesday/Thursday: Rejection – Don’t reject your own work before others can reject it for you. Often when working on a project or towards a goal we can find ourselves giving up on it, frequently right before it is finally ready to be presented to the world. Sometimes when your heart and soul has been poured into something, little voices will pop in, saying things like, “this isn’t good enough,” or “people are going to laugh,” or maybe even, “you are going to fail.” This card asks that you disregard those thoughts and instead connect into Divine energy where you will realize that none of those thoughts are true as your path is Divinely guided. Show up for your life at this time, confident and secure in your purpose, knowing that you are enough, exactly as you are right now. TIP: Engage your crown chakra to help you more easily connect with the Divine energy which is within you and all around you. A few ways to energize this chakra are with this crown chakra visualization exercise, or by using crystals that correspond to this chakra like Amethyst or clear quartz.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Joy – What a beautiful card to go into the weekend with! Joy is all about letting your inner sunlight shine through. This weekend, do something that makes you feel happy and alive in your body. Dance like no one is watching, run down the beach with your arms swinging wildly like some kind of crazy Muppet, go for a hike in the woods. Whatever activity makes you feel happy and connects you into your body – just go for it and enjoy it with gleeful abandon. Take this weekend to celebrate all the good things that are going on in your life right now. Express your joy and gratitude without reservation. You deserve this! TIP: Energize your solar plexus chakra by visualizing a sunshine yellow, swirling orb of light at your stomach. As you breathe in, visualize this orb growing larger. On the exhale, imagine it growing brighter as you radiate its energy out into the world with every breath. You can also use a solar plexus enhancing crystal such as Citrine.

I hope these messages help you navigate through your week with grace and ease. Enjoy the growth, trust the process, and celebrate!


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