Weekly Tarot Card Reading For May 15 – 21, 2017

Hello! For this week’s reading I am using Tarot of the Cat People. This is a really fun deck that incorporates some pretty cool 80’s style art with a mystical, science-fiction backstory, and combines that with Tarot wisdom loosely based in the Rider-Waite tradition. I have had this deck for 20+ years, and I am still in awe of what a cat like personality this deck has.

All of our cards this week are from the suit of Swords. The suit of Swords corresponds to the elemental of Air and governs the realms of thought and the unseen. This week pay special attention to your thoughts and mental energy, and consider things from the intellectual perspective.

Three of Swords, Four of Swords, and Page of Swords from Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall. Published by U.S. Games Systems

Three of Swords, Four of Swords, and Page of Swords from Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall. Published by U.S. Games Systems

Monday/Tuesday: Three of Swords – As we start off the week take care not to allow any resentments you may be holding onto, or any heart ache you are currently experiencing, harden your heart and turn you away from love. This card is a reminder that when you close yourself off to love, by dwelling in lower, negative energies or choosing to harbor resentments, that the person you are hurting the most is actually yourself. Acknowledge any feelings of betrayal or hurt but then breathe deeply and return to the love energies that reside within you.

Wednesday/Thursday: Four of Swords – Now is a time to be gentle with yourself. As we move into a recovery from the harsher energies that were prevalent earlier in the week, now is a time for allowing your mind to be at ease. Four of Swords has appeared to tell you that you would benefit from taking a break. Let yourself have this time to regroup, recharge, and be at peace. Do not forget to have fun with it!  Imagine all that you wish to go forth and do in the future while remembering that you are here on Earth to love deeply and joyfully. This is not a time for taking action, but rather a time for relaxing the mind in order to achieve mental clarity.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Page of Swords – Did you have any insights or new ideas come to you during your mid-week period of rest? The Page of Swords brings the message to trust these ideas and asks that you use them to springboard you to your next steps. Often, following a period of self-reflection, like we had with the Four of Swords, we experience amazing revelations. Unfortunately, many of us are likely to dismiss them. The Page of Swords reminds you that because you are one with Spirit, your deep inner thoughts are divinely guided. Trust them. Good news is either here, or on it’s way to you. Soak it in before sharing your thoughts with the world in the most positive ways.

This week I encourage you to nurture your body as this will help you in fending off any draining mental energies you may be subjected to. You may find that your mind runs wildly this week – take care not to dive down any dark, mental rabbit holes – you will be better served this week to keep your thoughts positive, always returning to that place of love which resides within.

What do you think?