Yang – Oracle Card of the Day

In Chinese philosophy, Yang represents one of the two forces that come together in order to create all that is. Yang is the masculine principle and is all about fire, and brightness, and taking action to get stuff done! Yang energy burns hot and is focused. This is a great energy to work with when launching a new project, or when you need a little kick in the pants to finish up an existing project. I have noticed throughout my life that although I have the feminine Yin energy working overtime for me, Yang energy is usually harder for me to grasp.

This Yang card pictured above is from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Divination cards. This is one of those decks that I bought because I love the images and Collette’s concept for the deck, but never really used the deck much myself. I do however watch the weekly readings that Colette Baron-Reid does over on her YouTube channel, so my familiarity with this deck is more second hand than personal. This month though, when I was meditating over which decks to pull out for easy access over the course of February this deck kept calling to me and I decided to keep it handy and make an effort to forge a more personal connection with these cards.

We are only a few days into the month and I have all ready pulled this card a few times, so I thought I’d share my intuitive hits on it with you. Right off the bat, I want to mention that this is card 1 in the deck, and since I’ve pulled it more that once I feel like the universe is saying to me, “Hey, you want to learn this deck? Start at the beginning!” I am definitely prone to scattering myself all over the place, so I appreciate Spirit passing this advice along to me, and will be attempting to incorporate the message of “begin at the beginning” into my life.

I feel like I have been drawing this card because Spirit wants me to know that I have a firey, passionate light emanating from within me and to stop trying to contain it all the time. This magical light that lies within is actually amplified when shared with others. Yang asks us to take action and create something TODAY because when this card is drawn you are being divinely guided to to so. Yang asks us to tap into the masculine fire within and let it provide the spark you need to get moving on a creative project.

Personally, there are a few areas of my life where I really need to apply this energy. I have gotten super lazy about my blog, and am literally using Yang right now to take some action there!  I have had scripts written for a few guided visualizations I have been wanting to create for months now but never recorded – Spirit is gently nudging me to take the next step with that I think! One more area I hope to utilize the Yang energy is in refreshing my personal space – I have been pretty over the curtains in my bedroom and bought some gorgeous butterfly fabric to make a new pair with… 6 months ago! Curtains have got to be one of the easiest sewing projects ever so I have no excuse except for laziness and complacency. Yang energy to the rescue!

If you found yourself on this page, I hope you will take action to incorporate Yang energy into your day. I love to hear from you, so please pop into the comments to let me know where in your life you could use the power of Yang.

What do you think?