The first time I laid my eyes on Orly’s “Feel The Beat” collection for Spring 2020 I was very excited to see that it wasn’t your typical pastels for spring collection. In this 6-piece 90s inspired collection we got brights, neutrals, and yes, pastels in some fun and unusual colors.

Orly Glow Baby swatch and bottle shot
Orly “Glow Baby”

First up is Glow Baby. This is a glowy copper shimmer with a peachy undertone. This polish is gorgeous and versatile. I think this is going to be gorgeous on tanned skin in the summer, and beautiful for fall manicures as well.

If you have ridged nails like I do I highly recommend wearing a ridge filling base coat with this polish. I didn’t and this polish really accentuates those ridges.

This is a beautiful, classic color that I think is perfect for all occasions. It’s also a really versatile shade to use for nail art.

The next polish up is “In The Groove.” This is such an unusual shade to see in a spring collection and I love that Orly included it in this collection.

Orly “In The Groove”

This polish definitely brings the 90s vibe! It’s a super glossy reddish-brown/ brick red creme. This is another shade that is also going to get a lot of use in fall. I would love to see this on a darker skin tone as I think it could be a gorgeous neutral on deeper skin tones.

This is another polish that is really great for nail art. I used it with Glow Baby to create a really cute leopard print mani! I also think this would look amazing under a flakie topper!

“Lilac You Mean It” is the next polish, and this one is a beautiful pastel lilac with slight purpley-pink shimmer.

Orly’s “Lilac You Mean It”

This color is so beautiful and glows right off the nail. I think this is another one that definitely has a strong 90s vibe. It has a slight bluish undertone and the shimmer really pops.

This one was a little sheer on the first coat, but the coverage built up nicely on the 2nd coat. I added a 3rd coat just to see if it would give even more pop to the shimmer, but I don’t think it’s necessary unless maybe you’re rocking long nails.

“Lips Like Sugar” is the ultra-bright in this collection. It is a hot electric purple that is basically just happiness on your nails.

The finish on this color is super glossy and beautiful. The formula on this is fantastic. It’s easy to apply and I got perfect coverage in 2 coats.

I am obsessed with this color and plan on wearing it all summer long. I also think this would be a great color for pedicures.

Next up is a polish that reminds me so much of one of my very first nail polishes ever that I got as a gift from a friend way back in 1987! This one is called “Magic Moment.”

Orly’s “Magic Moment”

“Magic Moment” is a sheer lavender that is jam-packed with bluish shimmer. This one has an almost iridescent effect on the nail that is absolutely stunning. I am wearing it here in 3 coats.

This polish has a major nostalgia factor going on for me! The shimmer is very prominent and this polish is very delicate and ethereal.

Last but certainly not least is “Sweet Thing.” This is a blush-toned neutral with a creme finish. I think this is such a sweet pastel shade for spring and I can see it looking cute on a variety of skin tones.

Orly’s “Sweet Thing”

I think this shade is one that can really be worn year round, and it makes a great base for nail art. I think this would make a really pretty Easter manicure!

I think this color is so classic and elegant. I could definitely see myself wearing it to more conservative events, but I also think it could be easily jazzed up by layering it under a fun glitter topper.

So, that’s it for this collection. What do you think of these polishes?

I really loved them all, but if I had to choose a favorite I would have to go with “Lips Like Sugar” just because it is so bright and fun, and I think we could all use a dose of that right now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this collection? Did you pick any of these polishes up? Any faves? Let me know in the comments!