If you follow “nail news” I am sure you’ve seen more than one article online asserting that blue, half-moon manicures are trending for summer 2020. I love negative space manicures and minimalist nail art, so I thought I’d give this trend a try.

Because my nails have extreme ridges I started with applying a smooth base using Zoya’s Gelie Cure system. I like to do this before doing any nail look where the natural nail shows because it is amazing for creating a smooth surface to work on top of, and it camouflages imperfections on the natural nail. This step, of course, is totally optional and you can use any clear basecoat you’d like to help prevent staining and for a long-lasting manicure.

I do not have a very steady hand, so I used some curved french tip guides to help create a crisp line. I applied the tip guides to my nails and applied one coat of Orly‘s “Gotta Bounce” from their summer 2020 collection to the top portion of my nails. “Gotta Bounce” is a nice one coat creme polish with a great formula. I love the slight dustiness of this blue and think it is a beautiful and unexpected summer color! After applying the blue polish, I removed the tip guide immediately with the polish still wet in order to ensure as crisp as line as possible. I used a little acetone and a cleanup brush to fix up any lines as needed.

Once my tips were fully dry I painted a coat of Orly’s “Beverly Hills Plum” over all of my nails. “Beverly Hills Plum” is from their French Manicure line and it just provides a sheer wash of healthy tint to the bare section of the nail near the cuticle, and helps to smooth out the line of the blue polish. I finished with a quick dry glossy top coat to seal in the design and reduce dry time.

I really like how these came out. This definitely looks and feels like something I would get done in the salon, and yet it was super easy to do myself at home.