I felt like doing some nail art, but I didn’t feel like trying too hard, so I decided to create a blue sky with fluffy white clouds design. I started with a base color of Emerson from Zoya. Emerson is a really pretty pastel shade that is right on the line between blue and periwinkle. I can get this shade opaque in 2 coats and while it is beautiful all on its own, it also is a great base color for nail art!

Once my base color was dry I used a dotting tool to dot on cloud shapes using the shade Purity, also from Zoya. This design is very forgiving as each cloud can look different, just like the clouds in the sky! I dotted the outline first to create the fluffiness, and then filled the center of the clouds as needed.

Although I could have stopped after creating the clouds, I decided to add a little extra sparkle and cuteness to this design by using a glitter topper. So, I added a thick coat of the shade Barbie Party from NCLA Beauty Barbie party is a super cute mix of ultra-fine multi-colored glitters with a smattering of silver star glitters. This topper added a little extra cuteness to this manicure, and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

This is one of the easiest nail art designs ever so it is perfect for beginners. Because the clouds do not need to be “perfect” or the same from finger to finger, it is even easy to paint onto your dominant hand. You don’t need any special tools – if you don’t own a dotting tool you can easily use a toothpick or bobby pin instead! Have you tried a cloud manicure? If you have, drop your Instagram handle below so I can check it out!