“Bad Romance” from Glam Polish is one of my favorite reds ever. This polish was a part of their Valentines Day 2020 release, and it’s a bright red jelly base packed full of iridescent shifty flakies and Glam’s signature scattered micro holo sparkle.

“Bad Romance” has a beautiful 2 coat formula and is very easy to work with. I recommend allowing your first coat to completely dry before applying your 2nd coat to avoid any clumping of the flakies, but the coats dry pretty quickly so this isn’t inconvenient to do at all.

Whenever I wear this polish I always feel like I have sparkling rubies on my nails! If you are a seasonal polish wearer (I mostly am!) you will be able to get a lot of use from this one as it is a great red to wear in the summer, but also perfectly appropriate to wear throughout the winter holidays and Valentines Day.

“Bad Romance” is one of those polishes that I just can’t stop checking out my nails whenever I wear it. Especially if I am out in the sunshine! I did not experience any staining on my nail bed from this polish, although I do always wear a base coat and recommend that you do as well. I did have a minor bit of cuticle staining that took a few days to remove so I would definitely be careful while applying and clean up as you go to minimize staining of your skin and cuticles.

Unfortunately this polish was a limited edition release and is no longer available on the Glam Polish website. But, I definitely suggest checking out their site to see if they have anything similar available. And, if you see this in a destash do not hesitate to grab it!