“Be Excellent To Each Other” by Moon Shine Mani is a periwinkle blue polish packed full of pink and teal iridescent flakies and plenty of shimmer. This polish was originally released for March 2020 Polish Pickup, but is back on the Moon Shine Mani website until the end of the month for July Rewind.

This is such a pretty polish and I get compliments whenever I wear it, so I was happy to see it come back up for sale so everyone who missed out the first time around can have a chance to add this polish to their collection. The formula on this is good – a little on the thick side, but not at all difficult to work with. Moon Shine Mani uses a wide brush in their bottles which works great with this formula. This applied effortlessly and a good amount of flakies come out on the brush.

My photos show this polish in 3 thin coats, although I did not notice too much of a difference between the 2nd and 3rd coats. With flakie polishes I think you get the best final result by working in thin coats, and letting each coat dry fully before moving onto the next coat. “Be Excellent To Each Other” dries fairly quickly, so I only needed to wait a minute or 2 in between coats.

This polish was my first experience with Moon Shine Mani, and I enjoyed it so much that I placed an order through their website after I wore this for a few days. I do change my polish pretty regularly (I do my nails 1-5 times a week depending on what I have going on) so I can’t say if this polish is long wearing or not, but I can say that I wore this for 4 days and not until day 4 did I notice any tip wear. I type a lot and am pretty active with my hands so I am pleased with how this performed considering how minor the tip wear was.

Overall, I love this polish and am impressed with the brand. If you have this in your collection I would love to see your manicures with it, so please share with me on Instagram! If this isn’t in your collection, I definitely recommend you try to add it because this is a fantastic polish! If you have a favorite Moon Shine Mani nail polish, please let me know in the comments so I can check it out!