I have two neon green cremes in my collection right now and I decided to use them together to create a monochromatic stripes design.

I started with 2 coats of “So Fly” from Orly, and followed with a quick dry top coat. Once that was fully dry, I used tape to create a stripes stencil on my nails. Using a sponge, I dabbed on 3 thin layers of “Thirsty” from Cirque Colors. Then, before the polish had time to dry I quickly peeled off the tape to reveal the striped design.

My stripes did not turn out perfectly even, but I was still pretty happy with how they turned out. While it’s obvious in photos it is nothing that anyone else would notice in person, and since it was getting close to dinner time I decided to leave them as-is!

Once the design was dry I applied another coat of quick dry top coat. Once that was dry to the touch I applied matte top coat to finish off this look.

It was interesting to see these two neon greens right next to each other! I think that while they are totally different, they still play nicely with each other. The formula on both polishes is great. I think that “So Fly” is a classic highlighter green, while “Thirsty” is a bit more unique in its’ tone. I am happy to have both in my collection!