Flora: The spring 2020 launch collection from new brand Olive Ave Polish

As a nail polish lover/addict I knew I was going to back the Kickstarter campaign for this new brand launched by Walker of the YouTube channel Olive Ave Nails. I have watched her channel a fair amount over the years and know that she knows what’s good and what’s not when it comes to formulas, so I was pretty confident that her new line would be top-notch quality. After seeing her plans for the first collection, I quickly backed at the full collection level. This beautiful package arrived at my doorstep earlier this week and I am so happy that I decided to get the entire collection.

Before I get into my first impressions of the Spring 2020 Flora collection from Olive Ave Polish, I just want to quickly touch on the packaging as I am really impressed with how my box arrived. All of the packaging materials are made of recycled materials and are also recyclable. ZERO plastic! Each polish bottle was individually wrapped with paper and everything was nicely padded with cardboard “bubble wrap.” I love supporting indie polish brands, but all of the plastic packagings that most brands use for shipping kills my soul a little bit, and I am so grateful that a brand owner has finally figured out how to ship plastic-free without compromising polish safety! I hope that other brands take notice and follow the example set by Walker and Olive Ave Polish.

Skittle mani using the cream polishes from the Olive Ave Polish “Flora” collection.

I was really excited to get into these polishes so I decided to do a skittle mani to be able to try out most of the collection in just one manicure. For the most part, the polishes are very easy to work with. They all self-level nicely and are opaque in 2-3 coats. They dry decently glossy, although topcoat is always recommended to protect and extend the life of the manicure. All my photos show 3 coats + glossy topcoat, but I could have stopped at 2 coats for most of these polishes.

Shade names listed in order from thumb to pinky: Hyacinth, Lemon Blossom, Aster, Cornflower, and Rhododendron

This collection is comprised of 5 cream polishes and 1 shimmer, all in iconic spring shades. These are the perfect pastels for spring. I love that these are vibrant pastels that aren’t too washed out or too bright. I found the formulas to be fairly easy to work with, although they will all benefit from not overworking them too much. I think it’s best to just trust that the polish will self-level nicely, and not do too many brushstrokes.

Hyacinth is a beautiful orange leaning coral that is quite lovely. I found this shade to be the sheerest and trickiest to work with, although once built up in 3 coats the color payoff is gorgeous.

Lemon Blossom is a pale yellow cream that reached full opacity in 3 coats. This is a delicate yellow pastel and I think that the formula is pretty good for a yellow.

Aster is a minty spearmint green to aqua color that is very pretty, and opaque in 2 coats. I did have some minor staining with this polish so be sure to use a good basecoat. Next time I use this polish I will double up on my basecoat to help protect my nails.

Cornflower is a gorgeous periwinkle shade that quickly became my favorite from the collection. This one is creamy and applies smoothly. It’s just a pleasure to work with.

Rhododendron is another favorite of mine. It’s a lovely orchid purple with hints of pink and just a smidge of dustiness. I love wearing purples and this one is perfect not only for spring but for summer and fall as well.

The shimmer of the collection is Calla Lily. This one is a very pretty pastel green with a strong gold shimmer. This polish is opaque in 2-3 coats, and the shimmer really stands out. This is the one polish that I couldn’t include in my manicure, but when I swatched this collection onto swatch sticks I could tell that this has the same great formula as the creams. I was also glad to see that the shimmer you see in the bottle is the shimmer you’ll see on the nail!

Polishes from left to right: Calla Lily, Hyacinth, Lemon Blossom, Cornflower, Rhododendron, and Aster.

My first impressions of this collection and this brand are all pretty positive. This brand is 10-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. The polishes are all on the thinner side, but did not run or pool. Once I figured out not to overwork them on the nail I found them to be pretty easy to apply. The brush on these is a thin brush, but it’s not so thin that it made application difficult, and I think it worked well with these formulas.

These are classic spring shades with a modern feel. On the indie polish scene, the trend for a while now has been to pack in as many color shifting flakies and holo glitters as possible, so it feels very fresh to see a collection of mostly creams. Each one of these polishes has a very timeless feel about them and I think that when the flakie polishes in my collection start to feel dated, these will still be holding strong.

Skittle mani using polishes from the Olive Ave Polish – Flora collection

Olive Ave Polish and the Flora collection for Spring 2020 are officially launching on March 1st. If you are looking to add some classic spring shades to your collection I do not think you will be disappointed with these!