I love Orly polishes, glitters + neons, and Harley Quinn so when I saw this on the Orly website I of course had to buy it. I can’t think of another mainstream polish brand that does neon and bright polishes better than Orly does so I had high expectations for this trio, and I am happy to report that I was not disappointed.

I recently did a cute nail art look with these polishes and thought I’d share that step by step with you and show off these bright, beautiful polishes.

“Freaking Fantabulous” is the glitter in this trio and it is gorgeous. This polish is comprised of red and blue glitters and shimmers in a clear base. Due to the mixture of red and blue it gives off a purple vibe. You would need to sponge this one on for full opacity. I wore this slightly sheer in 3 coats. I think this is beautiful to wear on its own, and as a topper to the cremes in this set. I especially love how it looks over the hot pink shade.

Freaking Fantabulous over Emancipate This
Freaking Fantabulous over Mind Over Mayhem

“Emancipate This” is a bright yellow neon creme, with just a hint of a green undertone. For a neon yellow, I was impressed with this polish. I wore this one in 3 thin coats. I had a tiny bit of patchiness even after that 3rd coat but topcoat pretty much evened that all out. I will avoid wearing white undies with my neons at all costs and am happy to say that a white base layer is not necessary in order to make this shade pop! This is a nice highlighter yellow shade that I really enjoyed. The formula on this one is about a thousand times better than the Orly classic “Glowstick” and if you love a blinding yellow neon I think you’ll enjoy this one!

“Mind Over Mayhem” is the neon pink in the trio. If I had to pick a favorite this would be it. The formula is excellent. It is so smooth and easy to apply, and I reached full opacity in just 2 thin coats. I love a good hot pink and this polish quickly became one of my favorite hot pink polishes. I also really love how using “Freaking Fantabulous” as a topper over this transforms the polish!

To finish off this manicure I used a stencil and sponged on “Freaking Fantabulous” to create these cute little glitter stars! I love how this manicure turned out. These bright, fun colors definitely make for a cute summer mani!

If you’d like to see another nail art look using these polishes, please check out this post showing off some nail art I did for Valentine’s Day!