I am happy to report I found my new summer red! A good red creme finish polish is priceless and Cherry Bomb from Orly‘s Breathable line is worth every penny. This polish is practically opaque in one coat. I wore it in two thin, easy to apply coats. The formula on this one is great, and I love the Orly brush.

Cherry Bomb is a juicy true red – not too blue, not too orange – this one is just right! Red is such a classic nail color, and I always feel old school classy whenever I wear red nails. Cherry Bomb is definitely going to be spending a lot of time on my fingers and toes this summer!

This was my first time trying out Orly’s Breathable line, and for the most part, I really enjoyed it. Orly claims this is an all in one polish + treatment that is meant to be worn without a base coat or topcoat. This is a great idea, and I can see this being wonderful for those days when you’re just trying to quickly squeeze in a manicure.

I wore this without a base or top coat and was for the most part pleased with how the polish performed. As you can see, Cherry Bomb dried nice and glossy. The finish definitely looks like a glossy topcoat was applied! I wore this manicure for 4 days and it looked just as fresh on day 4 as it did on day 1. I know 4 days is not that long, but I did not experience any chipping, cracking, or tip wear in that time.

As much as I love this polish (and I really do!) there were a couple things I did not fully enjoy about this polish. The first and biggest thing I disliked was that after I removed it I noticed I had minor nail staining. This is such a richly pigmented shade that I am not really surprised, but I do like to wear basecoat to avoid staining my nails and will probably forgo any treatment benefits from this polish and use a basecoat next time I apply this one. I think it would be wonderful if Orly would come out with a base coat in this line that could be worn with the super pigmented shades, and would still allow for the treatment to penetrate the nail bed. I will definitely use some of the lighter neutrals in this line without base coat though because it was actually really nice to skip that step!

The only other thing I disliked about using the polish was that I kind of felt a little naked without a top coat on! I like a nice plump look on the nail and without topcoat, I just did not get that with this manicure. I did notice that Orly has a clear nail polish in their Breathable line and I am considering picking it up to use as a topcoat with the Breathable polishes.

While I can’t really speak to the effectiveness of the treatment this polish provides after only wearing it once for a few days my nails did feel strong and healthy while I was wearing it, and the polish did not cause any drying or peeling to my nails. I would be interested to pick up a few of the lighter shades (that would be less likely to stain) and do a few weeks of manicures only using Breathable line polishes to see if I can notice any improvement in the health of my nails.

Have you tried any of the polishes from Orly’s Breathable line? If yes, let me know what your favorite shades are!