Pink on pink manicure using “Taurus” from NCLA Beauty and “Rose Quartz” from Starrily.

I love pink. Especially on my nails. Especially during Spring. For this manicure I used “Taurus” from NCLA Beauty and “Rose Quartz” from Starrily.

“Taurus” is a classic pink creme finish polish. I applied three thin coats, although I think had I been more careful in my application I could have gotten away with two. This polish has a thin formula, but it’s not runny and is fairly easy to work with. I was impressed with how nicely it self-levels.

“Rose Quartz” is a pink metallic foil flakie topper. I really love this polish. I applied two thin coats as a topper and think I got a really nice disbursement of flakes across the nail. This is such a beautiful shade of metallic pink and I love the added sparkle and shine!

The flakes in this polish lie fairly flat, although there is some added texture so I finished this off with a thick coat of glossy topcoat. Although I have multiple coats of polish on because I was working in thin layers my nails do not look or feel bulky, and I did not experience excessive drying times. I think this manicure turned out really cute and I have been loving how pretty this look is!