Pastel skittle manicure for Spring/Easter 2020
Skittle manicure using polishes from the Glam Polish Marie Antoinette collection.

I was going through my collection looking for some cute Easter polishes and decided to do this pretty skittle manicure using 5 of the 6 polishes from the Glam Polish “Marie Antoinette” collection.

This whole collection is so perfect for spring, and especially Easter. My pictures show 3 coats of polish but the majority of these shades really only needed 2 coats.

 Shades in order from thumb to pinky are: Could We Get Some More Champagne? ✨ This Madame, Is Versailles ✨ Don’t You Want To Go To Paris? See The Opera? ✨ I Like The Pink, It’s Like Candy ✨ I Have Enough Diamonds✨

Skittle manicure in pastel nail polishes with iridescent flakies
Which of these shades is your favorite?

These polishes have a really great, easy to work with crellie formula. The flakies really pop, and make me feel like I am wearing opals on my nails.

I would love to hear what you are wearing on your nails for Easter this year, and what your faves for spring are. If you have tried any of the polishes from this collection let me know what your favorite shade is!