Holo Taco – Midnight Spark

I was feeling sparkly so I decided to apply one of the full coverage glitter polishes from the Holo Taco “Holoday” collection. I chose Midnight Spark because I really like wearing bright, dark colors in the winter and I have been wanting to get this one on my nails before I transition into more traditional spring shades. Also, I think this blue is reminiscent of the Pantone color of the year for 2020 – Classic Blue – so while this is definitely not an exact match it is still on trend for the season.

Out of focus so you can fully appreciate the holo.
2 coats of Midnight Spark from Holo Taco

Midnight Spark is a deep indigo blue polish that is packed full of glittery holo goodness. The glitters are in an indigo blue jelly base which helps achieve full opacity in two coats with no obvious bald spots. This polish is a little bit on the thick/gloopy side, but I think that it to be expected for a polish that is this densely packed with glitter. I really appreciate that opacity can be reached by applying the polish normally as I am not a big fan of needing to sponge my glitter polishes on. I also appreciate that there are no “filler” glitters in the bottle – each and every glitter is holographic! That means tons of holo rainbow sparkles on the nails!

This polish dries down dull and textured so you will want 1-2 generous coats of your favorite glossy topcoat to smooth it out, add shine, and to really pop that holo.

I am not a fan of the Holo Taco brush. It is skinny and I greatly prefer a wide flat brush. I just think all polish, in general, is easier to apply with a wider brush although I am aware that 50% of the polish wearing population disagrees with me! That said, the Holo Taco brush is a good quality brush and the polish applies just fine with the skinny brush so this entire paragraph is more of a comment than a complaint.

Due to all the glitter in this polish, it is extremely difficult to remove so you will definitely want to either use a peel-off base coat or to soak it off using pure acetone. Unsurprisingly, this color did slightly stain my nails so I will probably double up on the base coat next time I wear this. I found that this polish was harder than most to clean up around my cuticle and side walls as there was some minor skin staining and some of those glitters really wanted to stick around! I think that is pretty normal for a polish with this type of formula. We all know that these deep blues can be some pretty notorious stainers.

Holo Taco: Midnight Spark is such a beautiful polish!

All in all, I really enjoy this polish. The color is gorgeous and the holo will not let you down! At this point, I have tried most of the Holo Taco products and I am glad to report that they have all performed well. Holo Taco is a cruelty-free brand which is important to me. I am always happy to find cruelty-free brands that bring it with high-quality products that I can confidently recommend to my friends and Holo Taco is one of those brands for sure.

Midnight Spark is one of 5 shades from the Holo Taco Holoday Collection released for Winter/Holiday 2019 and is currently available for purchase on the Holo Taco website.