Today I’m sharing a bit of a throwback for you, with these photos of the Lovers Duo from Blush Lacquers. These were released for Valentines Day 2020, and I really love that Blush did something different than just releasing a bunch of pinks and reds. This collection was inspired by the book Wuthering Heights and as I love a good gothic romance I had to pick this duo up!

First up is “I Struggled Only For You.” This polish features linear holographic pigment, holo micro flakes, and multi-chrome flakies in a charcoal jelly base. This polish shifts from dark and brooding in indirect light to a full on rainbow party in direct sunlight. I think that the multi-chrome flakies really differentiate this polish and makes it a standout among other similar polishes. While I own other dark holo polishes, this one is very unique in my collection.

“I Struggled Only For You” is a beautiful polish with a great formula. My photos show it applied in 2 easy coats.

As you can see in the photographs, Blush did not skimp on the holo when making this polish! If you can believe it, this looks even more holographic in person!

I think my fellow seasonal polish wearers will find this to be a versatile polish that is wonderful to wear in summer, fall, and winter.

Next up is “Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of.” This is another stunning and versatile polish that is perfectly appropriate to wear any time of year.

“Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of” is a beige linear holographic polish with a gorgeous blue/red shifty shimmer and micro holo flakes. I think this is a great choice for anyone who needs to wear a more conservative polish look for work, but is a holo sparkle person at heart since in indoor lighting this looks like a shimmering neutral but in direct sunlight comes alive with the holo rainbows!

My photos show this polish applied in 3 easy coats for full coverage. I love how beautiful this polish is, and I think that this is a very elegant, “grown-up” way to wear holo!

As I have come to expect from Blush, the formula on both polishes is absolute perfection. Blush consistently offers smooth, easy to apply formulas with dry times that are quick, but not so quick that the polish becomes difficult to work with. The brush that Blush uses is hands down my favorite brush on the market – it’s a wide flat brush with a curved edge that makes application a breeze. I have yet to meet a polish from Blush Lacquers that I haven’t loved, and these two are no exception to that!