I wanted to play around with my polish by doing some nail art so I decided to create this “Unicorns in space” themed manicure. I used polishes from Holo Taco and nail vinyls from Twinkled T to make this design.

Unicorns In Space themed manicure using products from Holo Taco and Twinkled T.

I started off by applying 2 coats of Midnight Spark and applied a thick coat of quick dry top coat to all of my nails. Once the topcoat was completely dry I added some fun unicorn stencils to my ring finger and thumb. For my ring finger, I used a stencil of a unicorn head. The one on my thumb shows the whole unicorn. I also added a vinyl with a bunch of star cutouts to my middle finger to make it more obvious that these unicorns are in space. I then used a wedge-shaped disposable makeup sponge to apply 3 thin layers of Rainbow Snow to create the unicorn and star designs. I recommend doing this one finger at a time as you need to peel off the vinyls while the polish is still wet in order to avoid ruining the design. I finished off this look by adding another 1-2 coats of glossy topcoat to each nail to seal in the design, smooth the surface of the nail, and add shine so that holo can really pop!

My manicure is 100% holo!

I used a peel-off base coat as removal of this glitter polish can be extremely difficult and I was only planning on wearing this manicure for a couple of days. For longer-term wear I would recommend soaking it off with 100% acetone.

This was a really fun manicure to apply and to wear. I love how the blue and silver holo pops off the nail and that it is full of rainbow sparkly goodness in the sunlight.