I wanted to try my hand at water marbling so I decided to give it a go using the Olive & June x Zeba “Into You” collection. Although I definitely need more practice with this nail art technique, I really liked how these nails turned out, especially given it was my first time!

There are 7 colors in this collection, and I used all of them in my water marble. The shade names and colors in the collection are:

Wild & Free – pastel coral

Sweet & Gracious – orange

Honest & True – baby blue

Bright & Focused – yellow

Grateful & Kind – pink

Fierce & Loving – lilac

Bold & Unshaken – purple

I applied a white base before beginning the water marble for opaque coverage, and so the colors would really pop! I also used liquid latex on my skin to make clean up easier. This manicure was a lot of fun to do, as it is always a good time playing around with nail polish! I am looking forward to trying this technique again.