I love a good pink polish, and this shimmery sparkler from Nail Hoot did not disappoint! This shade is “You Have No Power Over Me.” It’s a Labyrinth inspired polish that was released in April 2020 for Hella Handmade Creations. “You Have No Power Over Me” is a beautiful pink shimmer polish that is packed with scattered holo. It’s a pretty, delicate polish that really makes a statement!

The formula on this polish is excellent – it glides on smoothly and evenly. I found this one to be right on the line between 2-3 coats for full opacity. My photos show 3 thin coats. I absolutely LOVE the Nail Hoot brush which is wide (but not too wide!) and flat. Application was a breeze!

This is the perfect spring pink – it’s warm toned and sits right in between a pastel and a bright. With the shimmer and those holo sparkles this polish really glows off the nail. Removal of this polish is easy, although as is typical with a shimmer polish it can get a bit messy and leave bits of shimmer all over the skin. Nothing a little hand washing won’t take care of though and it is well worth it to get to enjoy this beautiful polish!

As someone who grew up basically obsessed with The Labyrinth movie, I have really been enjoying this series from Nail Hoot for Hella Handmade Creations. I hear the next release in this series is going to be a green, and even though I am not that much of a green polish wearer I am considering picking that one up as well, simply because I enjoyed this one so much!

If you picked up this polish let me know how you are liking it! I’m also curious to know if you were/are also obsessed with the movie, and if so what your favorite scene is. Mine is the scene with the Fireys – I don’t know why but something about them really tickles my funny bone!