One thing I love about summer is pulling out the polishes in my collection that make me look like I have a tan because in real life I am not tan at all, but sometimes I like to feel tan, if that makes sense! “Lola” from Zoya definitely fits in that category! Lola is a gorgeous neon hot pink jelly with a stunning blue/purple flash. As is common with neon polishes Lola dries to a flat matte finish, but I prefer this polish with a glossy top coat and that is what is shown in my photos.

I wear this polish in three thin coats which I think results in about 90% opacity. If you are looking for full coverage I think most people would need a 4th and perhaps even a 5th coat. This is just the nature of the polish though, and I personally enjoy the squishy translucency of this polish. The stunning blue/purple flash of shimmer running through the polish also helps detract attention away from any visible nail line. Bottom line, if you enjoy a sheer polish moment Zoya’s Lola might just be the hot neon pink polish of your dreams, while if you’re on team full opacity there are probably better neon pinks out there for you.

For this manicure I decided to add an accent nail, so on my ring finger you are seeing a coat of Zoya Dallas sandwiched in between Zoya Lola, with another coat of Dallas on top. I also used Zoya’s Glossy Seal top coat to finish off the entire manicure.

Personally, I really enjoy the formula and finish of this polish. Full disclosure, I will purchase ANY polish named Lola as Lola is the name of my beloved dog, but this one is actually one of my favorite polishes to wear during the summer. It is such a bright and beautiful polish, and the blue flash really sets it apart from all the other neon hot pinks out there.

This is one of those polishes that glows right off the nail. I love that in a polish and so Zoya’s Lola is one I will reach for again and again.